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Georgia v Romania in Bucharest (ENC 1A)

Venue: Stadionul National Arcul de Triumf

Referee: J.P.Doyle (England)

GEORGIA 7 6 0 1 208 67 141 2 1 27
ROMANIA 7 5 0 2 206 76 130 3 2 25
SPAIN 7 4 0 3 156 199 -53 2 1 19
PORTUGAL 8 3 0 5 159 168 -9 2 2 16
RUSSIA 7 3 0 4 133 155 -22 1 2 14
UKRAINE 6 0 0 6 67 266 -199 0 0 0

This is without a doubt the clash of the European Nations Cup Division 1A competition. Bucharest is the place to be this Saturday. Both sides are fielded strong combinations, Georgia in particular have named their strongest side so far this year.

It is most likely that the winner of this game will take out the 2011-12 championship title. These two teams met in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I saw that game in Palmerston North. Georgia won comfortably but they also had a much stronger team than this.

Playing on home soil again this season, Romania look to have a very strong side. The selected side looks to be a well balanced..

Georgia has recalled a number of experienced players (although they are without Khinchagishvili, Bregvadze, Peikrishvili, Zirakashvili, Jgenti, Datunashvili and Maisuradze, most likely to French club commitments).Still, the strength of the side emphasises the respect Georgia has for Romania.

It will be a cracker!

Antim Cup. The symbol of supremacy between Georgia and Romania.

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Last Five Encounters
28.09.2011 Georgia 25-9 in Palmerston North (World Cup, Pool B)
12.03.2011 Georgia 18-11 in Tbilisi (ENC 1A, Antim Cup)
13.03.2010 Romania 22-10 in Bucharest (WCQ Eur. R5; ENC 1, Antim Cup)
14.03.2009 Georgia 28-23 in Tbilisi (WCQ Eur. R5; ENC 1, Antim Cup)
09.02.2008 Georgia 22-7 in Tbilisi (ENC 1; Antim Cup)

Georgia last won in Bucharest in February 2007.

Georgia Last Five

25.02.2012 v Portugal W 22-7 in Tbilisi (ENC 1A)
11.02.2012 v Spain L 18-25 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
02.10.2011 v Argentina L 7-25 in Palmerston North (World Cup, Pool B)
28.09.2011 v Romania W 25-6 in Palmerston North (World Cup, Pool B)
18.09.2011 v England L 10-41 in Dunedin (World Cup, Pool B)

Romania Last Five
25.02.2012 v Russia W 25-0 in Sochi (ENC 1A)
04.02.2012 v Portugal W 15-7 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
28.09.2011 v Georgia W 25-9 in Palmerston North (World Cup, Pool B)
24.09.2011 v England L 3-67 in Dunedin (World Cup, Pool B)
17.09.2011 v Argentina L 8-43 in Invercargill (World Cup, Pool B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: Georgia 17th, Romania 19th
Europe Table: Georgia 8th, Romania 9th

IRB Ranking Points
Georgia 69.32, Romania 65.79

Georgia is not as strong as the side that last played Romania at the 2011 Rugby World Cup. It will be a close game with Romania fighting all the way but in the end Georgia to win by 5 points.




15   Iulian Dumitras  Lourdes, France
14   Madalin Lemnaru  Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
13   Csaba Gal CSM Baia Mare
12   Cristian Dinis CSM Baia Mare
11   Adrian Apostol  RC Farul ConstanČ›a
10   Florin Vlaicu  Steaua Bucharesti
9   Valentin Calafeteanu  Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
8   Daiel Carpo  Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
7   Viorel Lucaci Steaua Bucharesti
6   Mihai Macovei CSM Baia Mare
5   Cristian Petre St. Ettienne, France
4   Valentin Ursache  Aix en Provance, France
3   Paulica Ion  London Welsh, England
2   Marius Tincu (Capt.) Perpignan, France
1   Mihaita Lazar Aix en Provance, France
16   Andrei Radoi CSM Baia Mare
17   Andrei Ursache  CSM Baia Mare
18   Alin Coste  Bourg en Bresse, France
19   Andrei Gorcioaia Castelsarrasin, France
20   Florin Surugiu  CSM Bucaresti
21   Constantin Gheara  RC Farul ConstanČ›a
22   Dorin Manole  Ortez, France
    Haralambie Dumitras



15   Giorgi Shkinin  Armia
14   Irakli Machkhaneli  Saint Etienne, France
13   David Kacharava  Nice, France
12   Merab Sharikadze  Gloucester, England
11   Alexander Todua  Lelo
10   Merab Kvirikashvili  St. Junien, France
9   Irakli Abuselidze (Capt.) Auxerre, France
8   Mamuka Gorgodze  Montpellier, France
7   Viktor Kolelishvili  Clermont Ferrand, France
6   Shalva Sutiashvili  Massy, France
5   Giorgi Nemsadze  Valance d' Agen, France
4   Giorgi Chkhaidze  Saint Etienne, France
3   Davit Kubriashvili  Toulon, France
2   Irakli Natriashvili  Brive, France
1   Vasil Kakovin  Brive, France
16   Rezo Belkania  La Seyne, France
17   Mikheil Nariashvili  Montpellier, France
18   Dimitri Basilaia  Edinburgh Rugby, Scotland
19   Givi Berishvili  Lokomotive
20   Giorgi Begadze  Kochebi
21   Tedo Zibzibadze  Perigueux, France
22   Lasha Malaguradze  Rhone, France
    COACH: Richard Dixon

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