Friday, March 26, 2010


Spain v Romania in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
Cyprus v Bosnia Herzegovina in Paphos (ENC 3D)

The Spain-Romania test match is a catch up game that was postponed from February 6 due to a snow covered pitch. Nothing is hinging on this game. Romania only need the point for turning up to move past Portugal and take the vital third place in ENC 1. Romania will then wait 'till May for the result of the Ukraine-Lithuania match, the Playoff for 1st ENC 2A v Best-of-The-rest. Romania will play the winner of that match to decide the third European team at the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals.

Perhaps Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina are not in the top European bracket of international rugby. No matter. They will play for the ENC 3D title to determine who will be promoted to ENC 3C for 2010-12. Bosnia Herzegovina were relegated from 3C at the end of the 2008-10 ENC series and will be determined to regain their place. They firstly have to overcome a Cyprus team new to international rugby. Cyprus won the away encounter 8-6 and thus have a 2 point, 1 try advantage over their opponents. Of the two matches this is the more interesting game.


  1. I believe that Romania will have to go through international playoffs, and so are not guaranteed a World Cup berth.

  2. Romania is a favorite in 2011 Rugby World Cup Final Place Play-off

  3. Correct Conniption. I will alter that comment when I do a full preview of the Romania v Spain match.

    At this stage Uruguay will play an Asia 2 nation (likely Korea or Kazakhstan) which they should defeat, leaving a Uruguay-Romania playoff.