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TEST RUGBY SHOWDOWN: Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina v Cyprus in Paphos (ENC 3D)

Referee: Psaromatis (Greece)

Venue: Paphiako Stadium

Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina will play for the ENC 3D title to determine who will be promoted to ENC 3C for 2010-12. Bosnia Herzegovina were relegated from 3C at the end of the 2008-10 ENC series and will be determined to regain their place. They firstly have to overcome a Cyprus team new to international rugby. Cyprus won the away encounter 8-6, in Zenica back in March 2009, and thus have a 2 point, 1 try advantage over their opponents. That has been the only encounter between these two teams.

2010.03.27 Bosnia and Herzegovina v Cyprus1[1]
Bosnia Herzegovina team that will travel to Cyprus. Image thanks to

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Cyprus 38, Bosnia Herzegovina 39th

Prediction: A close game but Cyprus to prevail by 7 points

2009.03.21 Cyprus v Bosnia Herzegovina
Action from the first game, played in the snow and cold, in Zenica, March last year. Image thanks to



Cyprus Squad
George Agathocleous (Paphos Tigers)
Robert Brown (Moseley Colts, England)
Constantinos Constantinides (Chesham Rugby, England)
Fidias Efthymiou (Paphos Tigers)
Stephan Eleftheriou (Woodford RC, England)
Marcus Holden (Caldy, England)
Christo Kasabi (Saracens Amateurs, England)
Phillipos Kyriacou (Richmond, England)
Matthew Lowe (Paphos Tigers)
Daniel McFarlane (Paphos Tigers)
Lawrence Macrides Chingford RC, England)
Dimitri Maratheftis (Paphos Tigers)
Dino Markou (Solihull RC, England)
Marko Mladenovic (Limassol Crusaders)
Vladlimiri Muhaylon (Paphos Tigers)
Colm O'Cleirgh (Bective Rangers, Ireland)
Luke Steven Panayiotou Peters (North Shore RFC, New Zealand)
Alun Pugh (Paphos Tigers)
George Stylianou (Limassol Crusaders)
Christo Thoma (Paphos Tigers)
Tony Thoma, Capt (Paphos Tigers)
Daniel Thrasivoulou (Derby, England)
Burhan Torgut (Moseley Colts, England)
Andrew Spring (Limassol Crusaders)
Kyriacos Vatikiotis (Manchester, England)
Andreas Zacharia (Lincoln University, England)
Head Coach: Paul Shanks

Adapted from, being noted as the squad from v Monaco on.


Bosnia Herzegovina
Ajanović Semir, Ajkunić Jasmin, Bašić Adis, Bešo Latif, Durgut Dženan, Džanić Damir, Glavaš Sinan, Glavaš Selmir, Kapić Albin, Keserović Danijel, Mujić Amir, Mušinović Ermin, Pojskić Edin, Razić Damir, Selimbegović Nermin, Selimspahić Adis, Sinanović Aldijan, Subašić Sabahudin, Šepić Nermin, Šestić Kemal, Tufekčić Sedad, Turčinović Senad & Vidović Željko.
Head Coach: Safet Čerim

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