Friday, March 12, 2010

TEST RUGBY: Iberian Derby

Portugal v Spain in Madrid (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)

Venue: Estádio Universitário De Madrid


Spain and Portugal have always fought a tough game in this now annual rugby fixture. This year there is a lot riding on the game above the usual local pride. Portugal is within a whisker of Romania in gaining the 3rd spot in ENC 1. That 3rd place team will play either Ukraine or Lithuania for a chance to playoff for a place in the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals.

Last Five Encounters
15.03.2009 Portugal 24-19 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
10.05.2008 Spain 21-17 in Madrid (ENC 1)
03.02.2007 Portugal 21-18 in Lisbon (ENC 1)
21.03.2004 Portugal 35-19 in Ibiza (ENC 1)
22.03.2003 Portugal 40-38 in Lisbon (ENC 1)

Portugal has won on Spanish soil a number of times in recent years but not in Madrid. Portugal last won in the Spanish capital, 9-3 back in 1966.

GWC Rugby Rankings.
Europe Table-Portugal 10th, Spain 11th.

Prediction: A real close one, Portugal by 2 points.



Portugal Squad
Eduardo Acosta (GD Direito)
António Aguilar (GD Direito)
Pedro Cabral (CD University Lisboa)
João Correia, Capt. (GD Direito)
Bernardo Duarte (Agronomia)
Francisco Fernandes (Tyrosse, France)
Gonçalo Foro (CD University Lisboa)
Joe Gardener (Agronomia)
Tiago Girão (CD University Lisboa)
João Junior (CD University Lisboa)
Pedro Leal (GD Direito)
David Mateus (Belenenses)
Diogo Mateus (Belenenses)
Francisco Mira (Agronomia)
Ivo Morais (Chateaurenard, France)
Frederico Oliveira (CD University Lisboa)
Salvador Palha (GD Direito)
David Penalva (Auch, France)
Duarte Cardoso Pinto (Agronomia)
José Pinto (GD Direito)
Miguel Portela (GD Direito)
Jorge Segurado (GD Direito)
Juan Severino (Agronomia)
Pedro Silva (Belenenses)
Rafael Simões (Belenenses)
Conrad Stickling (Cascais)
Gonçalo Uva (GD Direito)
Vasco Uva (GD Direito)
Head Coach: Tomaz Morais


Spain Squad
Martín Aceña (C.R. La Vila)
Javier Acevedo (Vrac Quesos Entrepinares)
Carlos Arenas (CR Ciencias)
César Bernasconi (CRC Madrid)
R.T.Bizkaia (Bera Bera R.T)
José Mª.Bohorquez (CR Ciencias)
Rafael Camacho (CR Ciencias)
Juan Cano (CRC Madrid)
Javier Canosa (CRC Madrid)
Mathieu Cidre (Carcassonaise, France)
James Cook (C.R. La Vila)
Leandro Fernandez.-Aramburu (CR Ciencias)
Gautier Gibouin (Bourdeaux Begles, France)
Mathieu Gratton (Graulhetois, France)
David Gurgenadze (CRC Madrid)
Sebastián Hattori (CR Ciencias)
Ignacio Martín (Parma R.C., Italy)
Pedro Martin (Aviron Bayonnais, France)
Manuel Mazo (CR Ciencias)
Igor Mirones (Bera Bera R.T)
Jaime Nava (Alcobenas)
Federico Negrillo (Bera Bera R.T)
Benjamín Pardo (Vrac Quesos Entrepinares)
Anthony Pradalie (Perigueux, France)
Jesús Recuerda (CR Ciencias)
Head Coach: Geoff Glynn

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