Sunday, August 31, 2014

CONSUR B 2014; Day 1, Sunday 31 August

Peru v Venezuela in Apartado (CONSUR B)

The CONSUR B tournament gets underway Sunday with a new competition format. Colombia on home ground would be favourites to win this but with stiff competition from Venezuela. Peru could upset but Ecuador could be well out of its depth.

Peru has two warm up tests against Ecuador back in mid July, winning both games 45-0 and 36-8.

Previous Encounters
30.08.2013 Venezuela 29-25 in Asuncion (CONSUR B)
09.09.2012 Venezuela 28-17 in Valencia (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B)
27.08.2011 Venezuela 17-15 in Lima (CONSUR B)
25.10.2010 Peru 13-5 in Medellin (CONSUR B)
02.12.2009 Venezuela 25-13 in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
These two nations first met in 2000 with Venezuela winning the majority of games to date.

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GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Venezuela 7th, Peru 8th

IRB Ranking Points
Venezuela 41.67, Peru 40.13

Prediction: Venezuela by 8 points.



Peru Squad

Jorge Abugattas (Newton COB-UPC)
Michael Aramayo (Old Markhamians RFC)
Galileo Arbulu (Universidad de Lima RC)
Mauricio Arias (Old Markhamians RFC)
Jhonatan Carrera (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
Diego Choy (Newton COB-UPC)
Daniel Cino (Newton COB-UPC)
Christian Corzo (Universidad de Lima RC)
Giorgio Crolle (Newton COB- UPC)
Miguel Davila (Universidad de Lima RC)
Cristhian Diaz (Santa Clara RC)
Diego Diaz (Newton COB- UPC)
Carlos Garcia (Newton COB-UPC)
Luis Higa (Universidad de Lima RC)
Renato Lecca (Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola)
Gonzalo Mansilla (Universidad de Lima RC)
Alan Marcelo (Alumni UC)
Jhonatan Palacios (Alpamayo Blues RCA)
Christian Piskulich (Markhamians RA)
Augusto Robles (Universidad de Lima RC)
Andre Urquieta (Old Markhamians RFC)
Paolo Urquieta (Old Markhamians RFC)
Marcial Vasquez (Old Markhamians RFC)
Sebastian Velarde-Alvarez (Universidad de Lima RC)
Alfredo Villavicencio (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)

Head Coach: Federico Cravero

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Venezuela Squad not available

Colombia v Ecuador in Apartado (CONSUR B)

Hosts Colombia should have little difficulty accounting for Ecuador who were promoted from CONSUR C 2013. Ecuador had two warm up tests against Peru in July, losing both 0-45 and 8-36.

These two teams have never met in a 15’s rugby test before.

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Colombia 8th, Ecuador 9th

IRB Ranking points do not apply as Ecuador is not a full member of the IRB.

Prediction: Colombia by 30 points



Ecuador Squad

Jonathan Arroyo (Monos RC)
Edisson Avellaneda (Quito RC)
Eloy Basantes (Cerberos RFC)
Heccer Benavides (Quito RC)
Jair Benavides (Quito RC) (Capt.)
John Cacpata (Quito RC)
Andrés Cascante (Cerberos RFC)
Jorge Civinta (Cerberos RFC)
Luis Cordero (Monos RC)
Fabián Cruz (Cerberos RFC)
Jose D'Lagazca (Monos RC)
Juan Gálvez (Quito RC)
Santiago Gálvez (Quito RC)
Christian Herrera (Carneros RC)
Juan Herrera (Quito RC)
Luis Hinostroza (Yaguares RC)
Jacobo Kiwi (Nómadas RC)
Edwin Lastra Quiñones (Monos RC)
Alberto Merchan (Yaguares RC)
José Molina (Cerberos RFC)
Jaime Perelli (Monos RC)
Gustavo Salvador (Bárbaros UCE RC)
Alberto Vallarino (Yaguares RC)
Daniel Viola (Nómadas RC)
Juan Viola (Nómadas RC)

Head Coach: Douglas Rodriguez

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Colombia Squad not available

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