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Japan v Philippines in Makatai (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
Sri Lanka v Hong Kong in Colombo (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)

There should not be any surprises from round two of this competition. Japan is the outright favourite to both take the title and gain automatic progression to the 2015 Rugby World Cup Finals. The real tussle will be for second place with Korea and Hong Kong the contenders. For the other two teams it will be a matter of survival.

The Philippines were whipped 0-108 by Hong Kong last week. They had ,by Philippines standard, a very inexperienced side especially up front. This situation will continue today against Japan. Their top players are not expected to arrive and take up their positions until the later games. To keep Japan to under 100 points will be nothing short of a miracle. Japan’s main hurdles to overcome is the travel, the heat in Manilla and what looks like a below standard venue and ground. (Can’t find the picture of the ground I saw on one of the forums)

Hong Kong will have a slightly more difficult encounter when they travel to Colombo. They have introduced a few fringe players giving all their squad a run in the first two days. This will be in Sri Lanka’s favour. Sri Lanker will be a lot wiser having got that first game over with and will be tougher playing on their home turf.

Japan by 95 v Philippines
Hong Kong by 30 v Sri Lanka




1-Masataka Mikami (Toshiba Brave Lupus, 15 caps) 2-Hiroki Yuhara (Toshiba Brave Lupus, 13 caps) 3-Kensuke Hatakeyama (Suntory Sungoliath, 50 caps) 4-Justin Ives (Canon Eagles, 16 caps) 5-Shoji Ito (Kobelco Steelers, 18 caps) 6-Hendrik Tui (Suntory Sungoliath, 18 caps) 7-(c) Michael Leitch (Toshiba Brave Lupus, 29 caps) 8-Hayden Hopgood (Kamaishi Sea Waves, 0 cap) 9-Atsushi Hiwasa (Suntory Sungoliath, 30 caps) 10-Yu Tamura (NEC Green Rockets, 17 caps) 11-Kotaro Matsushima (Suntory Sungoliath, 0 cap) 12-Ryoto Nakamura (Suntory Sungoliath, un cap) 13-Daishi Murata (Suntory Sungoliath, 0 cap) 14-Yoshikazu Fujita (Waseda, 12 caps) 15-Ayumu Goromaru (Yamaha Jubilo, 33 caps)


16-Yusuke Nagae (Toyota Shokki Shuttles, 15 caps) 17-Takeshi Kizu (Kobelco Steelers, 22 caps) 18-Hiroshi Yamashita (Kobelco Steelers, 29 caps) 19-Hitoshi Ono (Toshiba Brave Lupus, 77 caps) 20-Kyosuke Horie (Yamaha Jubilo, 0 cap) 21-Keisuke Uchida (Panasonic Wild Knights, 4 caps) 22-Yasuki Hayashi (Panasonic Wild Knights, 0 cap) 23-Toshiaki Hirose (Toshiba Brave Lupus, 18 caps)

Head Coach: Eddie Jones


1. Robinson-Polkey, David Paz
2. Dacanay, Austin Garnica (Vice Captain)
3. Sinclair, Philip
4. Feeney, David
5. Howorth, Stephen Pagtalunan
6. Anderson, Christopher
7. Bweheni, Timothy
8. Bennetts, Samuel Tuplias
9. Letts, Jake Robrigado
10. Saunders, Oliver Abalos (Captain)
11. Stern, Kenneth Capinpin
12. Coveney, Justin Villazor
13. Saunders, Matthew Abalos
14. Morris, Harry Dionson
15. Aronson, Alexander Norona
16. Power, Glenn Morados (FR)
17. Mitra, Fergus (FR)
18. Melrose, Daniel Apale (FR)
19. Heward, Ashley Matias
20. Seeto, Darran Centillas
21. Gomez, Cleo Ferrer
22. Atandi, Evans
23. Hamilton, John Nebrija

‘No. 7 Tim Bweheni makes his first cap for the Volcano 15s (Volcano #105). He's been a talent on the 7s squad and played matches against HK 'A'. I believe he used to be a wing so openside is an interesting position to see him, I've seen some wings move to the pack before with good results because these guys can cover a lot of ground. Unfortunately, for the forward pack, if you thought they had issues last week well they're gonna in even deeper waters Saturday.

Scrumhalf Jake Letts will extend his caps record to 21 caps (all consecutive) out of 22 Volcano tests. Prop/hooker Austin Dacanay right behind with his 20th cap tomorrow.
Flyhalf Oli Saunders was on trial with Saracens, don't know he's still in their sights or not. 11 Harry Morris makes first 15s appearance since 2010, has played tons of 7s for Volcanoes. He has either 7 or 8 caps, missing a team sheet from a game. Rest of backline is same. It is a very good backline, if they can get clean, quick ball. I know Eddie Jones is very respectful of their backline.

Evan Atandi (2011 U18 Volcanoes head coach) if he gets on would make his first cap, as would John Hamilton, become Volcano numbers 106 and 107.’

Thanks to Martin Dunham at


Probable Sri Lanka squad to play with Hong Kong

Props: Shehan Dimithri (Navy) and Terence Henry (Havelock)
Hooker: Namal Rajapaksa (C)(Navy)
Locks: Sharo Fernando (Havelock) and Suhiru Anthony (Navy)
Third row: Danushka Perera (Navy), Yoshitha Rajapaksa (Navy) and Dushanth Lewke (CR & FC)
Scrum Half: Roshan Weeraratne (Kandy)
Fly half: Fazil Marija (Kandy)
Centres: Apisai Naqaliva and Joseph Dunn (Fiji)
Wingers: Sandun Herath (Havelock) and Nuwan Hettiarachchi (Navy)
Full back: Waqavulagi Emori (Fiji)
Reserves- Heshan Kalhara, Bilal Hassan, Sudharshan Muththanthri, Hasith Perera, Srinath Sooriyabandara, Chanaka Chandimal, Dinusha Chathuranga and Lee Keegel. ... -hong-kong


Hong Kong Squad for Sri Lanka:

1. Leon WEI, Hon Sum, 2. Thomas BOLLAND, 3. James COOPER, 4. Jack DELAFORCE, 5. Paul DWYER, 6. Nicholas HEWSON (Captain), 7. Matt LAMMING, 8. Pale TAUTI, 9. Jamie HOOD, 10. Chris MCADAM, 11. Rowan VARTY, 12. Jake PHELPS, 13. Lloyd JONES, 14. Tom MCQUEEN, 15. Tom MCCOLL, 16. Alex NG, Wai Shing, 17. Steve NOLAN, 18. Alex HARRIS, 19. Bill BRANT, 20. Alex BADDELEY, 21. Peter MCKEE, 22. Alex MCQUEEN, 23. Nick WHEATLEY.

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