Saturday, May 10, 2014


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Regret I will not be able to cover any test rugby this weekend. My local rugby club is holding it’s 50th Anniversary celebrations this weekend, starting last night. We feature a whole day of rugby v Hobart Harlequins with whom we share top spot on the points table.

U14’s, U18’s and seniors play at our home ground. Big doo tonight and then family fun day Sunday. Golden Oldies (whose numbers will be swelled after a LOT of beer Saturday night), BBQ etc etc. So that’s me out all weekend.

Japan v Sri Lanka in Nagoya (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
Korea v Hong Kong in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
Paraguay v Brazil in Asuncion (South American Championship)
Uruguay v Chile in Montevideo (South American Championship)
USA South v Bermuda in ? (NACRA Division 1; North)
Kazakhstan v Chinese Taipei in Hong Kong (Asia Nations Division 1)
Norway v Greece in Bergen (ENC 2D)
Finland v Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
Curacao v St Lucia in ? (NACRA Division 2, South)

Japan by 120 v Sri Lanka
Korea by 7 v Hong Kong
Brazil by 7 v Paraguay
Uruguay by 7 v Chile
USA South by 20 v Bermuda
Kazakhstan by 7 v Chinese Taipei
Norway by 3 v Greece
Luxembourg by 15 v Finland
Curacao by 20 v St Lucia

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