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MADAGASCAR v SRI LANKA: IRN Serendib Tri-Nations




Venue: Colombo Racecourse Ground


This tournament is another Cross-Continental clash of nations who have a similar IRB ranking. We have seen in 2012 such tournaments in Namibia and for the last two years in the United Arab Emirates. The other nation competing is Poland. That means Europe, Africa and Asia are represented.

The IRB Ranking points are Poland 55.64, Sri Lanka 49.88 and Madagascar 48.04.

Needless to say that none of these nations has played the other previously. All three nations are in which a chance still to qualify for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Madagascar were promoted to the Africa Cup 1A division in 2012 and retained its place in that division in 2013, losing to Zimbabwe 18-38 but defeating Uganda 48-32. By remaining in Division 1A they have a chance at grabbing the Africa 2 place at the World Cup Finals.

Sri Lanka were promoted to Asia 5 Nations in 2014 after emphatically winning the Asia Nations Division 1 this year, defeating Chinese Taipei 39-8, Thailand 45-7 and Kazakhstan 49-18. By this promotion they now have a chance at obtaining the Asia 2 position.

Poland plays in the European Nations Cup Division 1B which is the second Tier in European rugby. They are at present battling for the top place in ENC 1B which would mean a World Cup playoff against either Netherlands or Israel.

So to this match. It will be difficult to predict but the home side will have a definite advantage.On paper neither side has been able to call upon their full squad for this tournament so it could go either way.

Prediction: Sri Lanka by 7 points



Sri Lanka Squad

Front Row
Namal Rajapaksa (Navy SC) (Captain)
Eranga Swarnathilake (Navy SC)

Achala Perera (Kandy SC)

Bilal Hassan (Navy SC)

Henry Terance (Havelock SC)

Ananda  Jayalal (Army SC)

Duminda Pullikuttiarachi (Navy SC)

Dushmantha Priyadarshana (Havelock SC)


Second Row

Hasitha Perera (Up Country Lions)

Sajith Saranga (Navy SC)

Sathya Ranatunga (Navy SC)



Sharo Fernando (Havelock SC)

Danushka Perera (Navy SC)

Ishan Noor (Colombo Rugby & Football Club)

Rohitha Rajapaksa (Navy SC)


Scrum Halves

Rehan Weerakoon (Navy SC)

Kavindu de Costa (?)


Fly Halves

Niroshan Fernando (Havelock SC)

Fazil Marija (Kandy SC)

Dave Anand (Navy SC)



Lavanka Perera (?)

Dinusha Chathuranga (Navy SC)

Pradeep Liyanage (Kandy SC)

Lee  Keegal (?)



Sadun Herath (Havelock SC)

Chamara Dabare (Havelock SC)


Riza Mubarak  (Navy SC)                

Nuwan Hettiarachi (Kandy SC)


Adapted from and


Madagascar Squad

Marson Vonjiniaina Andriamananjara (FT Manjakaray)
Christian Andrianjaka (US Ankadifotsy)
Nirina Jacky Bayard (Iarivo RC)
José Rakoto Harison (3FB)
Juliot Mahavy (UASC)
Dimbiniaina Jean Willy Rabemanjara (UASC)
Romuald Rafaralahy (3FB)
Michale Raharijaona (TFM Ankasina)
Serge Rajoelina (FT Manjakaray)
Benjaniaina Rakotoarivelo (TFM Ankasina)
Hasina Rakotoarivelo (US Ikopa)
Alain Rakotonirina (3FB)
Tolotra Mampionontsoa Rakotoson (COSFA)
Deraniaina Rakotozafy (STM)
Tolotra Ramaromiantso (3FB)
Rodolphe Randriamanantena (COSFA)
Guy Rolland Randriamiarana (US Ikopa)
Tahiana Hery Zo Randrianarisoa (3FB)
Haja Randrianambinina (3FB)
Herizo Rasoanaivo (Iarivo RC)
Tiana Nirina Ravelomanantsoa (Iarivo RC)
Tolotra Claudio Ravelonomenjanahary (US Ankadifotsy)
Bernard Razafindranaivo (3FB)
Maminandrasana Solomampionona  (US Ankadifotsy)

3FB = Ministère de la Santé et du Planning
COSFA = Club Omnisports des Forces Armées


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