Saturday, May 11, 2013

PHILIPPINES v KOREA: World Cup Qualifying Asia; Asia 5 Nations


Venue: Ansan Wa Stadium, Ansan

Referee: Taku Otsuki (Japan)

I am picking that the Philippines-UAE clash on the 18th May in Manilla will decide who stays and who goes in Asia 5 Nations for 2014 and that the Hong Kong-Korea on the same day will decide who the runner up in this competition will be.

Japan has already taken top spot in the 2013 Asia 5 Nations and now qualifies for the 2015 Rugby World Cup finals to be played in England. The runner up in this competition qualifies for the repechage playoffs.

At this stage bonus points are going to be vital if results are close. For today’s game Korea are certain winners but must gather a bonus point going into their vital clash against Hong Kong next weekend.

Philippines must score 4 tries today. That has to be their aim. If possible they must get to within 7 points of Korea. That would earn an extra bonus point. That is more unlikely than scoring four tries but these must be their aims.

Prediction: Korea by 50 points



1. Kwang Sik KIM 2. Min Kyu KIM 3. Woong HEO 4. Soon Chai PARK (Capt) 5. Kwon Woo YOUN 6. Young Nam YOU 7. Jeong Min KIM 8. In Jo HWANG 9. Young Hun YANG 10. Youn Hyung OH 11. Gwong Min KIM 12. Nam Uk KIM 13. Bin REGAL 14. Jung Min LEE 15. Sung Min JANG 16. Sung Ku PARK 17. Jin Hyun CHO 18. Myeong Hwan KIM 19. Kun Kyu HAN 20. Byoung Joon LEE 21. Ji Myeong OH 22. Jae Beom IM 23. Dae Yeong YANG


1. Austin DACANAY 2. Graeme HAGAN 3. Matthew BELLENIE 4. David FEENEY 5. Nicholas PERRY 6. Terrence CARROLL 7. Darran SEETO 8. Christopher HITCH 9. James PRICE 10. Alexander ARONSON 11. Gareth HOLGATE 12. Justin COVENEY 13. Patrice OLIVIER 14. Joseph MATTHEWS 15. Michael LETTS (Capt) 16. David ROBINSON-POLKEY 17. Michael DUHIG 19. Daniel RODRIGUEZ 20. Michael DE GUZMAN 21. Jake LETTS 22. Ben SAUNDERS 23. Jefferey GREGSON 24. Paul INGRAM

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