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Paraguay v Colombia in Valencia (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B Semi-final)
Venezuela v Peru in Valencia (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B Semi-final)


The Rugby World Cup qualifying CONSUR B tournament begins today in Valencia, Venezuela. Venezuela will defend the title it won in Peru last year.

The winner of this tournament will face the NACRA winner Bermuda next month for the right to face Brazil, the last placed side in this years CONSUR A. To add a little spice to the play off game, played between the two losing sides, CONSUR C comes into play for the first time later in the year.

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Venue: Aristides Pineda Stadium

Paraguay v Colombia in Valencia (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B Semi-final)

Paraguay finds itself in CONSUR B after finishing last in last year’s CONSUR A competition. This match will be an interesting gauge of the strength and growth of the other South American nations that usually grace the fields of CONSUR B tournaments. Paraguay has barely moved in its standards since 2008 so we wait for this result with some interest.

Referee: Ricardo Sant’Anna (Brazil)

Previous Encounters
26.06.2008 Paraguay 60-7 in Asuncion (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B)
23.09.2005 Paraguay 82-8 in Asuncion (26th S.America Champ. Div.B)
10.10.2004 Paraguay 79-7 in Sao Paulo (25th S.America Champ. Div.B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Paraguay 5th, Colombia 8th

IRB Ranking Points
Paraguay 50.23, Colombia 39.95

Prediction: Paraguay by 25 points



Paraguay Squad

Vicente Amigo
Mateo Arévalo
Diego Argaña (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Carlos Bareiro
Gonzalo Bareiro
Víctor Bóveda
Eymar Brizuel
Manuel Careaga
Hugo Chávez
Gerard Cuttier (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Fabrizio Da Rosa
Félix Duarte
Ródney Fiore
Juan Gavig
Guillermo Gómez (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Juan Gómez
Rodrigo Llamosas (San Jose)
Ariel López (Luque Rugby)
José Lezcano
Andrés Nasser (Club Universitario de Asunción)
Luis Noceda
Martín Ortiz
Álvaro Rojas
Omar Rojas

Head Coach: Pedro Baraldi.


Colombia Squad not yet available

Venezuela v Peru in Valencia (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B Semi-final)

Referee: Martin Lugo (Paraguay)

This rugby test match is a replay of last years CONSUR B final. Venezuela will be focused on retaining their title. They have introduced a number of overseas-based players.

Peru’s lineup is unavailable but this rugby nations has made tremendous strides in its development since 2000.

Last Five Encounters
27.08.2011 Venezuela 17-15 in Lima (CONSUR B)
25.10.2010 Peru 13-5 in Medellin (CONSUR B)
02.12.2009 Venezuela 25-13 in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
29.06.2008 Venezuela 41-3 in Asuncion (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B)
10.11.2007 Peru 24-8 in Lima (CONSUR B)

These two teams first met in 2000. Venezuela won 54-13 in what was then called South American Championship, Group B

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Venezuela 6th, Peru 7th

IRB Ranking Points
Venezuela 43.56, Peru 41.64

Prediction: Venezuela by 8 points



Venezuelan Squad

José Albornoz (Caballeros)
Carlos Barbosa (Caballeros) Vice-Captain
Pablo Barboza (Caballeros)
Carlos Caraza (UCV)
Víctor Castro (Nomadas)
Leonardo Faría (Maracaibo)
Víctor Gallegos (SC Frankfurt 1880. Germany)
José Gastello (Dorados)
Daniel Jaramillo (Nomadas)
César Lameda (Maracaibo)
Alejandro Martínez (Valencia. Spain)
Gerardo Mohamad (UCV)
Diego Ortiz (Caballeros)
Carlos Patiño (Belgrano Athletic. Argentina)
Sergio Pulido (Caballeros)
Harry Ramos (Guerreros)
Pedro Reañez (Dorados)
Luis Romero (Cabimas)
Carlos Salas (Maracaibo) Vice-Captain
Rodrigo Salas (Maracaibo)
Carlos Soler (Maracaibo)
Robert Torres (Maracaibo)
Luis Vásquez (Heidelberger RK. Germany)
Luis Zamora (UCV) CAPTAIN

Head Coach: Gustavo Lopez

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Peru squad is as yet unavailable.

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