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Emirates Airlines Cup of Nations: Test Rugby Day 1

Brazil v Kenya in Dubai

Venue: The Sevens


These two teams have never met before. This will be a most interesting encounter. South America’s up-and-coming team verses the Africa Cup holder.

This is the first time Brazil has played outside the Americas. Kenya travelled to Bahrain in 1995 to play in Rugby World Cup qualifying games.

Brazil is regarded as one of the up-and-coming teams in world rugby. They have a huge player base with new clubs emerging almost daily in this sport-made nation.

Kenya did well to defeat Tunisia to take out the Africa Cup for 2011. The victory was only slightly tainted by the fact that Namibia and Morocco no-showed

GWC Rugby Rankings
Do not apply yet but after this match both sides will enter the World Table.

IRB Ranking Points
Brazil 53.89, Kenya 50.19

Prediction: Brazil by 9 points


Kenya 2011 Africa Cup winners.


Kenya Squad
Edwin Achayo (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Isaak Adimo (Kenya Harlequin FC)
David Ambunya (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Moses Amusala (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Ken Andola (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Calvins Biko (Nondescripts RUFC)
Lawrence Buyachi (Impala RFC)
Duncan Ekasi (Impala RFC)
Dennis Karani (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Humphrey Kayange (Mwamba RFC)
Daniel Kiptoo (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Curtis Lilako (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
David Mogere (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Vincent Mose (Impala RFC)
Matthew Musita (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Antony Mutai (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Peter Mutai (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Dennis Mwanja (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Ronnie Mwenesi (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Joel Ng’ang’a (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Anthony Nyandigisi (Impala RFC)
Brian Okwomi (Strathmore University RFC)
Kelvin Omiyo (Impala RFC)
Allan Omuka (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Vincent Ong’era (Kenya Harlequin FC)
Kevin Umbuge (Kenya Commercial Bank RFC)
Head Coach: Michael Otieno

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2011 Brazil EA Cup of Nations
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Brazil Squad

Felipe Claro (Sao Paulo Athletic Club)

Reges Comoreto (Desterro RC)

Lucas Croffi (Pasteur AC)

Mateus Daniel (São José RC)

Daniel Danielewicz (Desterro RC)

Henrique Dantas (São José RC)

Rafael Dawailibi (São José RC)

Jardel de Mendonça (Sao Paulo Athletic Club)

Lucas Duque (São José RC)

Moisés Duque (São José RC)

Júlio Figalo (Niterói RFC)

Eduardo Garcia (Bandeirantes RC)

Daniel Gregg (Niterói RFC)

Gustavo Krahembühl (Pasteur AC)

Danilo Lima (Rio Branco RC)

Diego Lopez (Pasteur AC)

Pedro Lopez  (São José RC)

Vitor Medeiros (Potiguar RC)

Julián Menutti (Bandeirantes RC)

Ramiro Mina (Bandeirantes RC)

Carlos Oliveira (São José RC)

Diogo Reno (São José RC)

Martin Schaefer (Rio Branco RC)

Nicholas Smith (Stockport RUFC, England)

Jardel Vettorato (Novo Hamburgo RC)

Felipe Zeni (Pasteur AC)

Head Coach: Rodrigo "Toto" Camardon

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