Saturday, December 10, 2011

Emirate Airlines Cup of Nations Test Rugby

Hong Kong v United Arab Emirates

Venue: The Sevens

This tournament is an innovative move to bring like-ranked rugby nations from different continents to one venue to test their playing strength.

The Emirates Airline is the main sponsor and brings together Brazil (an up-and-coming South American rugby nation), Kenya (2011 Africa Cup winner) plus Hong Kong.

Once part of the now defunct Arabian Gulf Rugby Union, the UAE lost heavily (3-62) to Hong Kong in Hong Kong back in May. This will be their chance to gain revenge for that humiliating defeat.

The first UAE team for 2011 v Sri Lanka

Hong Kong will blood a number of new players.

The UAE team has yet to be published on the web.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Hong Kong 2nd, UAE 3rd

IRB Ranking Points Do not apply. UAE needs to play 10 tests to be ranked.

Prediction: Hong Kong by 15 points



Hong Kong
15. Rowan Varty (DeA RFC)

14. Thomas McQueen (Valley RFC)

13. Alexander McQueen (Hong Kong Cricket Club)

12. Lee Jones (Valley RFC)

11. Yiu, Kam Shing Salom (Valley RFC)

10 Keith Robertson (DeA RFC)

9. Cado Lee (Kowloon RFC)*

8. Pale Tauti (captain) (DeA RFC)

7. Nicholas Hewson (Valley RFC)

6. Terence Montgomery (Valley RFC)

5. Michael Waller (DeA RFC)

4. Daniel Watson (Hong Kong Football Club) *

3. Stephen Nolan (Hong Kong Football Club) *

2. Alexander Harris (Kowloon RFC)

1. Andrew Li (Kowloon RFC)


16. Thomas Bolland (Hong Kong Football Club) *

17. Alexander Ng (Pontypool RFC, Wales)

18. Ian Ridgeway (Hong Kong Football Club) *

19. Charles French (Hong Kong Cricket Club)

20. William Brant (Hong Kong Cricket Club) *

21.Timothy Alexander (Valley RFC)

22. Edward Haynes (Hong Kong Cricket Club) *

*  First caps

Head Coach: Dai Rees


United Arab Emirates Team not yet available

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