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TEST RUGBY TOURNAMENT: The Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Internation Championship, or simply The 6 Nations, is probably, outside the Rugby World Cup, one of the most prestigious rugby tournaments in the world. It has existed as a round robin tournament played annually home or away since 1883. It has at times been a four, a five, back to a four, then a five again, and since 1999, a Six nations competition.

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The teams involved in the Six Nations Rugby Tournament are England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy.

6 Nations Trophy and Grand Slam
Six Nations and Grand Slam Trophies. Image thanks to

Six Nations Championship Winners-The Last Ten Years

2009-Ireland (Grand Slam)
2008-Wales (Grand Slam)
2005-Wales (Grand Slam)
2004-France (Grand Slam)
2003-England (Grand Slam)
2002-France (Grand Slam)

2010 Six Nations Fixtures

Sat 6th Feb 10 14:30 Ireland v Italy Croke Park, Dublin
Sat 6th Feb 10 17:00 England v Wales Twickenham, London
Sun 7th Feb 10 15:00 Scotland v France Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Sat 13th Feb 10 14:00 Wales v Scotland Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Sat 13th Feb 10 16:30 France v Ireland Stade de France, Paris
Sun 14th Feb 10 14:30 Italy v England Stadio Flaminio, Rome
Fri 26th Feb 10 20:00 Wales v France Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Sat 27th Feb 10 13:30 Italy v Scotland Stadio Flaminio, Rome
Sat 27th Feb 10 16:00 England v Ireland Twickenham, London
Sat 13th Mar 10 14:30 Ireland v Wales Croke Park, Dublin
Sat 13th Mar 10 17:00 Scotland v England Murrayfield, Edinburgh
Sun 14th Mar 10 14:30 France v Italy Stade de France, Paris
Sat 20th Mar 10 14:30 Wales v Italy Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Sat 20th Mar 10 17:00 Ireland v Scotland Croke Park, Dublin
Sat 20th Mar 10 19:45 France v England Stade de France, Paris

2009 Six Nations International Championship Results

2 England530212470+54166
3 France5302124101+23146
4 Wales530210081+1986
5 Scotland510479102−2342
6 Italy500549170−12120

This table, again thanks to

England 36, Italy 11 at Twickenham
Ireland 30, France 21 in Dublin

Wales 26, Scotland 13 at Murrayfield

France 22, Scotland 13 in Paris
Wales 23, England 15 in Cardiff

Ireland 38, Italy 9 in Rome

France 21, Wales 16 in Paris

Scotland 26, Italy 6 at Murrayfield
Ireland 14, England 13 in Dublin

Wales 20, Italy 15 in Rome
Ireland 22, Scotland 15 at Murrayfield

England 34, France 10 at Twickenham

France 50, Italy 8 in Rome
England 26, Scotland 12 at Twickenham
Ireland 17, Wales 15 in Cardiff

For a complete list of all the games since 1883 go to

For a complete list of all international rugby matches played by all six teams, go to

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