Sunday, January 24, 2010


Russia 30, Namibia 15 in Windhoek

This is exciting. The first test of the year and of the decade. I have been out of action for the first part of January, undergoing major surgery. All is now well and mending.

In what effectively was a dress rehearsal for the two teams most likely to be ranked No.23 and No.24 at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Russia came away with the honours 30-15 after leading 17-5 at halftime.

The two weeks preparing in South Africa were put to good use. Applying pressure right from the start, at no stage of the match did Russia look like losing. They controlled the game throughout, placing huge pressure on the Namibian forwards in all areas of play. Although the Russians were not dynamic in the backline they did enough against a Namibian backline unable to penetrate the solid Russian defence system.Scrumhalf Alexander Yanyushkin have a great game, driving huge holes in the Namibian defence around the scrum.

The new Namibian coach, Johan Diergaardt, would be disappointed although his team was playing out of season.

2010 Russia v Namibia
Russian scrum half Alexander Yanyushkin on the burst. Image thanks to www.namibiasport

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  1. Hope you get better. How was the strength of this Russian team compared to the one who didn't go too well on their Canadian tour?

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  3. The Canadian tour was after Russia 2009 championship.
    Before were dramatic three matches final VVA vs Enisey.
    Therefore Russia has shown such inexpressive game against British Columbia and Canada-1.