Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Test Rugby Ahead: This week. Barbaas face the All Blacks Saturday

Colombia v Costa Rica in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
Venezuela v Peru in La Guacima (CONSUR B)

New Zealand v Barbarians (UK) Club at Twickenham (Non test)
Colombia v Venezuela in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
Peru v Costa Rica in La Guacima (CONSUR B)

The CONSUR B tournament saga will be completed this weekend. Its expected that Colombia and Venezuela will play for the final on Saturday. New Zealand plays a traditional end-of-tour game against the Barbarians at Twickenham. This used to be a free flowing games of grand rugby. In recent years it has become more serious. Possibly the greatest try scored ever at the international level, occured in this fixture at the end of the 1972-73 All Black tour of Britain and France. After a run that saw just about every Barbarian player handle after Phil Bennet jinked around inside his own 25, Gareth Edwards scored in the corner. That try is why this great game is played in heaven.

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