Wednesday, December 23, 2009

International Rugby: Hong Kong Completes European Tour


Germany 24, Hong Kong 14 in Heidelberg

Czech Republic 17, Hong Kong 5 in Prague

Netherlands 25, Hong Kong 10 in Maarstrict

Hong Kong ended its European tour without a victory. It would be wrong to regard this venture as unsuccessful. Hong Kong may have dropped in IRB rankings as a result of these losses but this venture has opened the way for similar cross-continental tours. Perhaps the timing was out.

The team experienced some cold European weather. It may be wise in future to play in Europe in September or May. The home sides played mostly without their strong foreign-based players. The same will happen in September or May. It doesn't really matter. Its the playing of such test matches, the breaking down of narrow vision and of widening up the game into a true world game that is important.

So, good on you Hong Kong. May we now see Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands try an East Asian tour next year. Lets see how they cope with 30 deg C and 90% humidity in Hong Kong in May!

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