Saturday, December 6, 2008

Test Rugby: Andorra v Serbia

Andorra v Serbia in Smederevo (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 3A)

Andorra and Serbia have both had a shocker start to the new competition. Andorra lost 10-26 to competition high-roller and new comer Lithuania at home. Serbia crashed 0-41 to Armenia at this same venue back in September after defeating Armenia 19-8 back in May! Picking form is going to be tricky.

Andorra are without some of their leading players due to injury. Heading into Serbia for the first time the Andorrans will find this assignment tough although they will be slight favourites. There is no information available about the make up of the Serbian side.

These two teams have not met before.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Andorra 24th, Serbia 27th

Prediction: Andorra by 6 points

David Martinez
Roger Font
Xavier Vilasetru
Joan Castellon
Franck Mitjana
Oscar Cabanes
Ritchie Ortega
Marcos Cellone
Josef Chelidze
Paul Alieu
David Kirikashvili
Toni Carmona
Peter Ambor
Waki Tchatokey
Fabian Tonino
Jonathan Garcia
Eduard Vergara
Sergi Lucas
Roger Fite
Marc Gispert
Flavien Sayo
Maxim Taurinya
Anthony Gaulin
Benjami Fajol
Roberto Gimenez
Emmanuel Sarti-Gardes
Gerard Sotera
Head Coach:

Special thanks to ‘AndorranFanClub’
For Andorra: Taurinyà, Magallón, Jonathan Garcia, Lucas, Paul Alieu and Carmona are all injured, Thanks to 'Quentin'.

Serbia-Not available

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