Saturday, November 9, 2013

TIER 2 NATIONS: Spain v Chile, Fiji v Portugal, USA v NZ Maoris, Romania v Tonga

New Zealand Maoris v United States in Philadelphia
Fiji v Portugal in Lisbon
Romania v Tonga in Bucharest
Spain v Chile in Santiago

There are some interesting match ups in the Northern Hemisphere this weekend. The New Zealand Maoris displayed a typical Kiwi hard defensive game, quick skills and able to pounce on any opposition mistakes. The USA travel to Europe after this games whilst the Maoris go home.

Fiji should have little difficulty winning against Portugal but Romania could be in for a tough time against Tonga at home.

Spain plays its first game on a South American tour but should win against Chile.

NZ Maoris by 40 v USA
Fiji by 30 v Portugal
Tonga by 10 v Romania
Spain by 26 v Chile

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