Monday, February 4, 2013


Italy 23, France 18 in Rome (Garibaldi Trophy; 6 Nations)

Oh Goodness me!! This is what I like about test rugby. Nothing is certain when it comes to results. Look at England v New Zealand last December. Now Italy have yet again been France’s stumbling block.

This win has dashed any hopes France had of a ‘Grand Slam’ which were words being commonly used in the lead up to this match. Now if Italy can defeat Scotland next weekend…

I usually don’t follow any other forum other than the one on FIRA-AER. But here are some comments from planet-rugby.

‘Awesome Italy. Awful France.Italy played with everything that France lacked - structure (bunches of blue shirts around the ball and no width again and again), pace (blue shirts ambling over to scrums and lineouts almost as though they had a 20 point lead), physicality (blue shirts not looking for the turnover and wasting lineout ball), organisation (blue backs running in to, over, past each other), kicking (blues...pfffffffft) etc etc.’

‘France were awful. They didn't have a clue how to win that game and they look to be suffering from a real lack of leadership. Italy were good but they didn't have to be better than that. Having said all that you can guarantee France will be awesome against the Welsh next week!’

The winning try.
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Italy celebrate.
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