Saturday, January 19, 2013



Venue: Life University, Marietta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Referee: Christopher Henshall (USA)


The USA South side will play Mexico in Round 1 of the North Zone for the NACRA Championship. The USA South last played in 2011. They missed 2012 due to the fact that the NACRA Championship also doubled as a Rugby World Cup qualifying tournament. USA South is ineligible to play at the Rugby World Cup.

These two teams have met once before. In 2011 Mexico defeated USA South 25-9 in Mexico City in the NACRA Championship, Round 1, North Zone knockout match.

Mexico took part in the NACRA Championship in 2012. After a resounding 68-14 against Jamaica at home they surprisingly lost heavily 13-46 to Cayman Islands away and were eliminated.

The winner of this rugby test match will progress to play the winner of the Jamaica-Turks and Caicos Islands test match, also being played today.

GWC Rugby Rankings do not apply. USA South is not listed

Prediction: USA South by 8 points



Mexico Squad


- Maximiliano Douek - Tazmania RFC - Capitán

- Alberto Mizael Loredo Reta - Cumiyais Monterrey RFC (*)(**)

- Juan Manuel Martinez Iglesias - Blackthunder RFC (*)

- Gonzalo Carlos Taddei Cella - Wallabies RFC - Vice-capitán

- Luis Rosete Hallybone - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Roberto Calderón Guillemot - Lobos Guadalajara RC (**)

- Luis Fernando Herrejon Rubalcava - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Marcos Flegmann Sandler - Boston RC (*)(**)

- Carlos Miguel Prieto Ledesma - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Jesus Alejandro Rico Moreno - Cumiyais Monterrey RFC (*)(**)

- Luis Hernandez Cruz - Pumas Rugby UNAM

- José Raúl Reyes Conn - Cumiyais Monterrey RFC (*)



- Bruno Rodriguez Escobedo - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Alejandro Chavez Cervantes - Tazmania RFC (**)

- Pablo Agustin Pagano - Wallabies RFC

- Christian Guillermo Henning Morris - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Carlos Antonio Susarrey Diaz-Barriga - Lobos Guadalajara RC (**)

- Pascal Alfonso Nadaud Del Castillo - Blackthunder RFC (**)

- Miguel Angel Bremer Gomez - Cumiyais Monterrey RFC (*)(**)

- Jesus Roberto Burgos Molina - Cuervos Tijuana RC (*)

- Jeffrey Edward Clarke Garcia - Wallabies RFC

- Rigel Galindo Esparza - Cumiyais Monterrey RFC (*)(**)



**Capped for Mexico U19


USA South

Starters: Scott Lucas (Athens), Drew Ohmann (Life), Matt Wade (Renegades), Saadiq Ziyad (Life), Stephen Hickey (Augusta), Cathal Doyle (Life), Derek Wolfe (Nashville), Kirk Swanner (Tallahassee), JD Price (Renegades), Lucas Baistrocchi (UF), Clint Whitler (Life), Jeff Reuther (New Orleans), Amir Khan (UNC), Ben Winiarczyk (Auburn), Aaron Masterson (Life)

Bench: Saade Bou-Mikael (New Orleans), Davis Bess (Montgomery), Zach Simkins (Life), Quincy Nuckols (Renegades), Joe Moore (Renegades), Davis Meehan (Boca Raton), Jason Davila (Life)

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