Sunday, August 19, 2012


New Zealand 27, Australia 19 in Sydney (Bledisloe Cup; Rugby Championship)South Africa 27, Argentina 6 in Capetown (Rugby Championship)

Is it me? I felt that the NZ-Australia test match was a very ho-hum affair. Was it that there were mistakes aplenty from both sides but from Australia in particular? Was it that the game was very predictable-New Zealand in control but not putting in the knife? Was it that we see these two teams playing each other so often’s getting boring? Is it that I have the Post-World Cup blues-a test match with not the same intensity? Or is it just me and you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves?

New Zealand did enough to win. Australia shot themselves in the foot. That’s it.

Argentina could not muscle themselves anywhere near the Springbox in their opening Rugby Championship match. Although most punters were hoping that either Argentina would win or at least run them close. This was not to be. South Africa were in control throughout and would be disappointed that they didn’t double that score with the possession they had. Argentina will need to rethink their game plans if they are going to be competitive at this level. Next week they are in Mendoza and that could be a different story.

By the way, grizzle number two. Whose idea was it to play the same teams second week in the competition?

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