Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tonga v Chile in Santiago

20[1] 48[1]

Venue: Estadio Atlético de San Carlos de Apoquindo


This will be a first in international rugby. This is the first time these two teams have met at 15's test rugby. It is the first time Tonga has visited South America.

Tonga are on their way to the America's rugby Championship. To be held in Cordoba, Argentina, the tournament will feature the 'A' sides of Canada, United States, Argentina (The Jaguars) and Tonga (who will compete as Tonga 'A'). Tongan players involved in European rugby and in competitions in New Zealand and Australia are not included.

Sponsored by the IRB,the aim of the tournament is to provide a platform for developing players in the four Unions ahead of their participation in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. “This new-look Americas Rugby Championship represents a great step forward for the Game across North and South America, providing an expanded competition format that will generate exciting and competitive matches, while allowing the participating Unions to take a closer look at the development of their elite domestic-based players ahead of RWC 2011...Canada, USA, Tonga and Argentina are all priority Unions for our High Performance investment programme and this new tournament structure is central to the IRB’s strategic aim of increasing global competitiveness and in particular the performance of Tier 2 teams at Rugby World Cup,” said IRB Head of Development and Performance Mark Egan.

No Previous Encounters

GWC Rugby Rankings
Chile, before this match, does not register on the World Table

Prediction: Tonga by 20 points

Teams not available


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