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RUGBY TEST: ENC 1 Germany v Romania

Germany v Romania in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)

Referee: Passacantando (Italy)

Venue: Constructorul-Cleopatra Stadium

The snow has continued to fall in Bucharest. It's been cold and icy all this week. As a result the game has been transferred to the seaside city of Constanta. The decision was made by the Romanian Rugby Federation with FIRA-AER's approval. This situation, and last week's postponement, has raised the question, by DRV Director Volker Himmer, of playing the ENC games away from the cold month of February to later in the season. A point I heartily agree with. The forecast for Constanta is for rain, and heavy rain at that. Conditions will not be easy.

2010.02.00 Snow in Bucharest
Snow again in Bucharest. Just like last week. Game moves to Constanta. Image thanks to

For Germany the World Cup dream is over. Well and truly! Its 77-3 thrashing by Georgia last week highlighted the gap between ENC 1 and the division below, ENC 2A. So now for Germany any hope of remaining in the European Nations Cup 1st division will be dependent on the outcome of the two remaining home games. With the focus now on the games against Portugal and Spain, they will want to make a good showing in this game. The beginning of the campaign to remain in ENC begins here in Constanta.

The Germans have had to go away from Tblissi and have a major rethink. They have brought in some experienced forwards in Mohr, Trick and Brenner. The last time Germany played in Bucharest they lost 6-60 to Romania. Unless the Germans can lift their game I fear the score line will be something similar.

Romania has kept much to the same squad that couldn't play against Spain last week. They will want to put in a very good performance. Romania must catch competition leaders Georgia and Russia if they are to make the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals. If they miss out it would be for the first time since the first World Cup in 1987.

Romania v Germany 2009 total rugby
The Romanians played Germany in snow in Heidelberg last year, and won 22-0. Image thanks to

Last Five Encounters
14.02.2009 Romania 22-0 in Heidelberg (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 1)
02.05.1994 Romania 60-6 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe)
27.03.1983 Romania 26-12 in Heidelberg (FIRA A)
04.04.1982 Romania 60-18 in Bucharest (FIRA A)
27.10.1973 Romania 33-9 in Heidelberg (FIRA Nations Cup)

Germany first played Romania in 1936, and won 37-9!

Data from

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Romania 21st, Germany 25th
Europe Table-Romania 10th, Germany 12th

Prediction: A better showing by Germany but the Romanians will prevail by 30 points.



15. Iulian Dumitras (Albi, France)
14. Ionut Botezatu (Baia Mare)
13. Ionut Dimofte (Baia Mare)
12. Robert Dascalu (Steaua Bucuresti)
11. Catalin Fercu (Arad)
10. Florin Vlaicu (Steaua Bucuresti)
9. Lucian Sirbu (Somillau, France)
8. Mihai Macovei (Baia Mare)
7. Ovidiu Tonita (Perpignan, France)
6. Stelian Burcea (Arad)
5. Cristian Petre (AS Beziers, France)
4. Sorin Socol, Capt. (FC Oloronais, France)
3. Silviu Florea (US Montauban, France)
2. Marius Tincu (Perpignan, France)
1. Bogdan Balan (US Montauban, France)
16. Paulica Ion (London Irish, England)
17. Bogdan Zebega (Steaua Bucuresti)
18. Valentin Ursache (Baia Mare)
19. Daniel Carpo (Constanta Farul)
20. Valentin Calafeteanu (Arad)
21. Stefan Ciuntu (Baia Mare)
22. Constantin Gheara (Constanta Farul)
23. Dragos Dima (FC Oloronais, France)
Head Coach: Serge Lairle


Germany Squad
Kehoma Brenner (RG Heidelberg)
Timothy Coly (RG Heidelberg)
Kieron Davies (Ampthill RUFC, England)
Robert Elloway (Cornish Pirates, England)
Mustafa Güngör, Capt. (RG Heidelberg)
Raphael Hackl (Berliner RC)
Alexander Hauck (SC Frankfurt 1880)
Lukas Hinds-Johnson (RK 03 Berlin)
James Houston (SC Frankfurt 1880)
Benjamin Krause (Hannover 78)
Christopher Liebig (Heidelberger RK)
Steffen Liebig (Heidelberger RK)
Alexander Metz (TSV Handschuhsheim)
Robert Mohr (RC Rochelais-Atlantique, France)
Raphael Pyrasch (Hannover 78)
Benjamin Simm (Hannover 78)
Mark Sztyndera (SC Frankfurt 1880)
Edmoore Takaendesa (RG Heidelberg)
Marcus Trick (SC Neuenheim)
Clemens von Grumbkow (RC Prato, Italy)
Alexander Widiker (RC Orléans, France)
Manuel Wilhelm (RG Heidelberg)
Head Coach: Rudolph Finsterer

Thanks to

Shalva Didebashvili (unavailable)
Daniel Preussner
Patrick Schliwa
Rolf Wacha
Lukas Rosenthal
Matthieu Franke

Robert Mohr
Marcus Trick
Alexander Metz
Christopher Liebig
Robert Elloway
Kehoma Brenner

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