Monday, February 16, 2009

Rugby Result: Ireland 38, Italy 9

Ireland 38, Italy 9 in Rome (6 Nations)

An easy but done too convincing win for Ireland. They now go to the top of the 6 Nations points table.


  1. Just to pick up from our earlier comments, I was obviously wrong to favour Italy so heavily. What do you think has happened to Italy, Gary? The last two Six Nations they were up there cahllenging (and beating) the likes of Scotland, Ireland and England. Just a couple of months ago the Azzurri were slightly unfortunate not to defeat Australia. I have not had access to the Six Nations in New Zealand.

  2. Hi Natal. Sorry to leave a reply so late. It's difficult to pinpoint the problem with Italy. I haven't seen a lot of their play. I get the games posted to me via my brother in Sydney who has pay TV but I'm so busy with work, the blog and a web site I don't get to see daylight much. Getting back to Italy, the poor ability of the backs has finally caught up with the forwards. In other words, the whole team has lost confidence. The forwards are/were good enough to hold their own and even dominate but not good enough to win games all on their own. Its a different game now and Italy is falling behind the pace of what is now required. Big mobile forwards and big mobile backs, ala, All Blacks.