Thursday, November 5, 2015


Sweden v Moldova in Malmo (REC 1B)
Israel v Croatia in Netanya (REC 2A)
Cyprus v Latvia in Paphos (REC 2B)
Serbia v Slovenia in Beograd (REC 2C)

Colombia v Ecuador in Lima (CONSUR B)
Venezuela v Peru in Lima (CONSUR B)

As the dust settles on the 2015 Rugby World Cup final last weekend the test rugby elsewhere continues. This month you wont be seeing the Southern Hemisphere teams touring north as they need a good rest after the tournament.

The Rugby Europe Championship continues with four tests on Saturday. On Sunday sees the start of CONSUR B, or South American Championship, Division B. That tournament, being held in Lima, Peru, is the second tier of South American rugby behind Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and Paraguay.

Later in November Germany will visit Brazil for a test match. December will be busy with CONSUR C being held in San Salvador whilst in early December Germany will play their second test in Brazil.

This weekend
Sweden faces front runner Moldova in an attempt to improve on its earlier results this season against Belgium and Poland. It wont be enough to avoid relegation.

Israel and Croatia will battle to avoid the relegation area. Israel drew with Czech Republic away in their last match and are beginning to adjust to this new level of European test rugby. Croatia won the first leg match against Israel but could struggle playing away. Croatia warmed up with a 5-39 loss to Oxford University last weekend.

Cyprus and Latvia clash in Cyprus in a Division 2B test match. Cyprus, holder of the world record of 24 consecutive test match wins up to 2014, were promoted from Division 2C the same season. Their results at this level have been mixed. Latvia has also had a mixed season, have played one more test than Cyprus. Neither team fared well against competition Lithuania who are unassailable at the top of this division.

Balkan rugby rivals Slovenia and Serbia clash in Beograd. Serbia had a disastrous start to the 2014-15 season but a change of management after Christmas has seen them win against Denmark and Austria.Slovenia is tucked just behind the undefeated Luxembourg ( to whom they lost to in the first leg) but has a game in hand. I expect this to be a close result.

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