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EUROPEAN NATIONS CUP 1A: Ukraine v Romania

Ukraine v Romania in Bucharest (ENC 1A)

Venue: Stadionul National Arcul de Triumf

Referee: Not available

Very little is hinging on this test match. Ukraine are guaranteed relegation despite their win over Portugal last weekend. Romania cannot catch Georgia at the top of the 2010-12 ladder nor can they catch Georgia who are at the top of the 2012 ENC 1A championship.

Neither team are selecting their best squads. Ukraine has up to six players unavailable from their winning side last weekend, whilst Romania have selected only one player based in France, blooding a number of local players.

Last Five Encounters
20.08.2011 Romania 41-16 in Kiev (ENC 1A)
05.06.2010 Romania 61-7 in Bucharest (WCQ Europe R5, Semi-final 2)
2205.2010 Romania 33-3 in Kiev (WCQ Europe R5, Semi-final 1)
03.06.2006 Romania 58-0 in Kiev (ENC 1)
19.03.2005 Romania 97-0 in Bucharest (ENC 1)

Romania Last Five
17.03.2012 v Spain L 12-13 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
10.03.2012 v Georgia L 13-19 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
25.02.2012 v Russia W 25-0 in Sochi (ENC 1A)
04.02.2012 v Portugal W 15-7 in Bucharest (ENC 1A)
28.09.2011 v Georgia W 25-9 in Palmerston North (World Cup, Pool B)

Ukraine Last Five
17.03.2012 v Portugal W 35-33 in Odessa (ENC 1A)
10.03.2012 v Russia L 19-38 in Sochi (ENC 1A)
25.02.2012 v Spain L 6-41 in Alushta (ENC 1A)
19.03.2011 v Portugal L 24-46 in Lisbon (ENC 1A)
12.03.2011 v Russia L 5-41 in Odessa (ENC 1B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Ukraine 7th, Romania 11th

IRB Ranking Points
Romania 63.81, Ukraine 53.95

Prediction: Romania by 33 points



Ukraine Squad
Nicolas Deliergiev (RC Kredo-63)
Vadyslav Demetskyi
Dmitri Fedyshyn (RC Kredo-63)
Vladyslav Hrabovskyy
Sergii Iermolenko
Zourab Kikacheishvili (RC Kredo-63)
Nikolaï Kirsanov (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Vitaliy Kramarenko (RC Kredo-63)
Maxim Kravchenko (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Artem Kulik (Eger Kiev)
Oleg Lytvynenko
Dennis Masyukovy (RC Kredo-63)
Denis Milov (RC Kredo-63)
Sergius Monastiryov (RC Kredo-63)
Aleksander Polanski (RC Kredo-63)
Vyacheslav Ponomarenko (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Miroslav Shulyak (Obolon-University RC)
Alexander Tsapenko (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Sergey Tserkovniy (Olmyp-RSC KhTZ)
Alexander Tsyss
Edward Vertiletsky (RC Kredo-63)

Head Coach: Zaza Lezhava

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Romania Squad

Forwards: Flavius DOBRE (Dinamo), Andrei URSACHE (Baia Mare), Mihai ADASCALITEI (Dinamo), Vlad BADALICESCU (Dinamo), Andrei RADOI (Baia Mare), Petre TAMBA (Dinamo), Cristian PETRE (Saint Etienne), Valentin POPARLAN (CSM Bucuresti), Marian DRENCEANU (Timisoara), Marius ANTONESCU (Dinamo), Mihai MACOVEI (Baia Mare), Daniel IANUS (Steaua), Viorel LUCACI (Steaua), Marian GORCIOAIA (Arad), Adrian ION (Dinamo), Marius DANILA (Baia Mare)

Backs: Valentin CALAFETEANU (Timisoara), Vlad AILENEI (Baia Mare), Florin SURUGIU (CSM Bucuresti), Florin VLAICU (Steaua), Ionut MAZARE (Arad), Csaba GAL (Baia Mare), Cristian DINIS (Baia Mare), Constantin GHEARA (Constanta), Madalin LEMNARU (Timisoara), Adrian APOSTOL (Constanta), Mihai ROSCA (Steaua), Ionut NIACSU (Baia Mare), Marian ISPIR (CSM Bucuresti)

Head Coach:Haralambie Dumitras

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Below is the test rugby squad of Sweden that trained 17-18 March in preparation for the Division 2A games against Malta and Latvia.

2009 malta-sweden
Action from Sweden v Malta, 2009.

SWEDEN 6 5 1 0 194 125 65 2 0 24
LITHUANIA 6 3 1 2 157 91 66 2 2 18
MALTA 6 3 0 3 108 98 10 2 2 16
CROATIA 6 2 0 4 105 125 -20 1 2 11
LATVIA 6 1 0 5 84 213 -129 2 1 7


Emil Andersson Helsingborg Rugby Club Gripen

Sebastian Andersson Pingvin Rugby Club

Thomas Arvidsson Fredriksberg RK

Andreas Austa Södertälje Rugbyklubb

Ivar Bengtsson Hammarby IF Rugby

David Bergwall Uppsala Rugby Football Club

Fredrik Bergwall Uppsala Rugby Football Club

Mattias Björkebeck Hammarby IF Rugby

Peter Blaha Hammarby IF Rugby

Tobias Borg Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Chris Bradley Stockholm Exiles RFC

Daniel Chamberlain Stockholm Exiles RFC

Michael Craig Hammarby IF Rugby

Andrew Daish Old Albanians RFC, UK

Jonathan Elamzon Malmö RC

Robin Fransson Malvern RFC, UK

Ian Gowland Stockholm Exiles RFC

Jonas Grillfors Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Edward Holmgren Pingvin Rugby Club

Joel Jakobssen Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Richard Johansson Hammarby IF Rugby

Timothy Johansson Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Magnus Karlsson Hammarby IF Rugby

Edward Lundberg Södertälje Rugbyklubb

Eirik Lundquist Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Michael Lynch Pingvin Rugby Club

Philip Mårtensson Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Alfred Meitmann Pingvin Rugby Club

Jens Möller Fredriksberg RK

Connor Murphy Corinthians RFC, UK

Robert Nave Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Daniel Nissila Stockholm Exiles RFC

Stefan Obradovic Hammarby IF Rugby

Richard Örnberg Malvern RFC, UK

Sami Paulsson Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Simon Pearce Stockholm Exiles RFC

Jonny Petterson Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Viktor Petterson Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Emil Rådkvist Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Alexander Rappestad

Stuart Rumbelow Hammarby IF Rugby

Emil Sandberg Stockholm Exiles RFC

Lee Sandberg Cambridge RFC, UK

Emil Sandeman Spartacus Rugby Club

Erik Sjöbeck Pingvin Rugby Club

Mark Stephenson Spartacus Rugby Club

Paul Sullivan Stockholm Exiles RFC

Sebastian Taylor Old Haberdashers RFC, UK

Mathias Thorhard Hammarby IF Rugby

Lars Tunestål Pingvin Rugby Club

Rikus van Niekerk Stockholm Exiles RFC

Erik Wärnberg Uppsala Rugby Football Club

James Wetterström Enköpings Rugbyklubb

Peter Wiklund Vänersborg Rugbyklubb

Mattias Youngman Hammarby IF Rugby

Head Coach: Mike Tatu
Assistant coaches: Magnus MacDonald, Daniel Legge and Alex Taylor

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Monday, March 26, 2012


Brunei has a new web site and a new team logo.


Brunei are in Asia Nations Division 5, ranked last. Cambodia are the host union with Laos being the other team. At this stage there is no provision for promotion out of Division 5. In effect, this is a regional tournament.

Division 5 Host-Cambodia (Phnom Phen)
26/6 Cambodia v Brunei
28/6 Laos v Brunei
30/6 Cambodia v Laos

At present their are four clubs in Brunei.

Bandar Blacks
KB Pythons
The Knights
Kukris-an invited team from the British garrison.

There may also be a police club.

For a complete list of Brunei’s international test match record, go to…

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Final Score

Mexico 68, Jamaica 14

Some information here..


Germany 40, Moldova 7 in Heidelberg (ENC 1B)
Mexico v Jamaica in Mexico City (WCQ Americas, NACRA R1)
Mexico leading 29-7 at last report (9am Australia eastern time)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2015 RUGBY WORLD CUP. The First Game!

Jamaica v Mexico in Mexico City (WCQ Americas, NACRA R1)

Venue: Universidad Iberoamericana

The Web Ellis Trophy. The Rugby World Cup.

Referee: Craig Joubert (South Africa)


NACRA stands for ‘North American and Caribbean Rugby Association’. Essentially it represents the Anglophile part of the Americas. Mexico would seem to be a strange inclusion when you think Coast Rica, just down the road, plays in CONSUR, the mainly Spanish speaking southern areas.

For those of you who don’t follow the smaller rugby nations today is a huge day for Jamaica and especially Mexico. Today’s rugby test match is the first qualifying fixture for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, hosted by England.

Lawrence Dallaglio, the former England player, will also be in Mexico City as the official 2015 Rugby World Cup ambassidor

These two teams have never met before.

2011 NACRA Competition Results

09.04 v USA South W 25-9 in Mexico City
15.05 v Cayman Islands W 34-20 in Mexico City
28.05 v Bahamas L 12-17 in Nassau
05.06 v Bermuda L 7-26 in Mexico City

16.04 v Cayman Islands L 24-36 in Grand Cayman
Jamaica were eliminated at this point.

25.06 v USA South L 5-52 in Kingston

For more information on the structure of the NACRA Americas Zone go to

For other articles

GWC Rugby Rankings
NACRA Table-Mexico 8th, Jamaica 10th

IRB Rankings do not apply. Mexico is not a full member of IRB. It means they cannot actually progress beyond NACRA stage. If they do win this section then the second placed team will progress.

Prediction: Mexico by 26 points



Mexico Squad

Juan Pablo Andrade (Capt.) (Jaguares RFC)

Roberto Calderon (Lobos Guadalajra RC)

Miguel Carner (Black Thunder RFC)

Erick Castillo (Jaguares RFC)
Alejandro Chavez (Tazmania RC)
Luis Hernandez Cruz (Pumas Rugby UNAM)

Max Douek (Tazmania RC)
Christian Henning (Black Thunder RFC)
Geraldo Gil Hernandez (Templarios RFC)

Fernando Herrejon (Black Thunder RFC)

Patrick Jouan (Wallabies RFC)

Juan Manual Matamoros (Templarios RFC)
Pascal Nadaud (Black Thunder RFC)
Samuel Gythu Nyaga (Rhinos RC, Guadalajara)
Pablo Pagano (Wallabies RFC)
Simon Pierre (Tazmania RC)
Pablo Pinedo (Jaguares RFC)

Carlos Prieto (Black Thunder RFC)
Bruno Rodriquez (Black Thunder RFC)

Luis Rosete (Black Thunder RFC)
Carlos Susarrey (Lobos Guadalajara RC)

Gonzalo Taddei (Wallabies RFC)

Head Coach: Simon Pierre

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jamaica logo   64[1]
(Not sure which one is their official logo)

Jamaica Squad not available as yet.

TEST RUGBY: European Nations Cup 1B

Moldova v Germany in Heidelberg (ENC 1B)

Venue: Fritz-Grunebaum-Sportpark

Referee: V. Iordachescu (Romania)


BELGIUM 9 8 0 1 283 136 147 3 1 36
MOLDOVA 8 5 1 2 161 131 30 2 1 25
POLAND 8 5 1 2 193 150 43 2 1 25
CZECH R. 10 4 0 6 160 217 -57 1 3 20
GERMANY 9 3 0 6 189 205 -16 1 4 17
NETH. 8 0 0 8 94 241 -147 0 1 1

Belgium has a clear lead in this competition and cannot be overtaken. They will progress to ENC 1A for 2012-14.

Neither Germany nor Moldova is in any danger of relegation. Netherlands will drop to Division 2A for 2012-14.

Germany has made great strides in 2012, defeating the Czech Republic and losing by one point to Belgium at home. Against Belgium they scored 4 tries to 2 but ill discipline let them down in that test match.

Moldova also lost to Belgium this month by one point also at home. They have not progressed as expected this season and will have to spend another two years in Division 1B.

This should be a close test match but without the intensity of the need to win.

Previous Encounters
02.04.2011 Moldova 28-15 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
24.11.2007 Germany 34-5 in Heidelberg (ENC 2A)
11.11.2006 Moldova 26-24 in Chisinau (ENC 2A)
13.11.2004 Germany 27-18 in Chisinau (WCQ Europe, R2, Pool B)

Germany Last Five
17.03.2012 v Belgium L 29-30 in Heusenstamm (ENC 1B)
10.03.2012 v Czech Republic W 20-17 in Prague (ENC 1B)
19.11.2011 v Poland L 8-34 in Gdansk (ENC 1B)
12.11.2011 v Netherlands W 23-7 in Hannover (ENC 1B)
02.04.2011 v Moldova L 15-28 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)

Moldova Last Five
10.03.2012 v Belgium L 16-17 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
26.11.2011 v Czech Republic W 13-7 in Prague (ENC 1B)
12.11.2011 v Poland D 17-17 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
30.04.2011 v Netherlands W 22-15 in Chisinau (ENC 1B)
02.04.2011 v Germany W 28-15 in Chisinau (ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Moldova 15th, Germany 16th

IRB Ranking Points
Moldova 53.85, Germany 52.00

Prediction: Moldova by 5 points




Training squad for Germany from, thanks to ‘Quentin’ at

Dumitru Arhip (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Victor Arhip (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Alexandru Baltag (USEFS Blumarine)
Alexandru Bulgac (Agrouniveritet, Russia)
Nicolae Caburgan (USEFS Blumarine)
Sergiu Castraveţ (USEFS Blumarine)
Ion Cavcaliuc (LIMPS,Chişinău)
Eugen Chicu (USEFS Blumarine)
Nicolae Chirilă (Imperia Penza, Russia)
Maxim Cobîlaş (VVA-Podmoskovye, Russia)
Alexandru Colţ (Agrouniveritet, Russia)
Gheorghe Gajion (LIMPS,Chişinău)
Maxim Gargalîc (Agrouniveritet, Russia)
Alexandru Găgăuz (Agrouniveritet, Russia)
Ştefan Leca (USEFS Blumarine)
Victor Leon (Dinamo Bucureşti, Romania)
Veacelav Lozinschi (USEFS Blumarine)
Andrei Mahu (Sporting-ASEM Chişinău)
Octavian Manoli (UTM, Chisinau)
Andrei Mâţăblândă (USEFS Blumarine)
Igor Orghianu (Sporting-ASEM Chişinău)
Oleg Perpeliţă (Krasny Yar, Russia)
Dorin Petrache (USEFS Blumarine)
Andrei Romanov (VVA-Podmoskovye, Russia)
Veaceslav Titică (Krasny Yar, Russia)
Eduard Toderică (Taganrog, Russia)
Dumitru Vasilachi (USEFS Blumarine)
Andrian Baltag (Agrouniveritet, Russia)
Gheorghe Voloşciuc (USEFS Blumarine)

Head Coach: Alexandru Siscan



15. Kieran Manawatu (SC Frankfurt 1880)

14. Mustafa Güngör (TV Pforzheim)

13. Mark Sztyndera (SC Frankfurt 1880)

12. Lars Eckert (SC Neuenheim)

11. Marten Strauch (SC Neuenheim)

10. Christopher Hilsenbeck (US Colomiers, France)

9. Sean Armstrong (Heidelberger RK)

8. Rob May (TSV Handschuhsheim)

7. Kehoma Brenner (Heidelberger RK)

6. Tim Kasten (Heidelberger RK)

5. Daniel Armitage (Heidelberger RK)

4. Callum Sauer (TV Pforzheim)

3. Stéphane Kohler (Hermance Region RC, France)

2. Alexander Widiker (Heidelberger RK)

1. Benjamin Krause (DSV Hannover 1878)


16. Arthur Zeiler (Heidelberger RK)

17. Patrick Schliwa (Heidelberger RK)

18. Benjamin Danso (Heidelberger RK)

19 Anjo Buckman (Heidelberger RK)

20. Matthieu Franke (RC Orléans, France)

21. Fabian Heimpel (RG Heidelberg

22. Tim Menzel (TSV Handschuhsheim)

Coaches: Torsten Schippe  & Kobus Potgieter

Adapted from

Friday, March 23, 2012


Georgia will send an ‘A’ team to tour England.

Irakli Kiasashvili ("Lelo", Tbilisi), Beka Urjukelashvili ("Figeac", France), Saba Nikolava ("Armia", Tbilisi), Lexo Gugava ("Lelo", Tbilisi), Irakli Gegenava ("Lelo", Tbilisi), Sandro Nijaradze ("Gloucester", England), Irakli Chkhikvadze ("Armia", Tbilisi), Zura Dzneladze ("AIA", Kutaisi), Giga Gagoshvili ("Armia", Tbilisi), Giorgi Jimsheladze ("Armia", Tbilisi), Giorgi Kacharava ("Lelo", Tbilisi), Alexander Samkharadze ("Armia", Tbilisi);

Shalva Mamukashvili ("Armia", Tbilisi), Beka Mekokishvili ("Armia", Tbilisi), Giorgi Menabdishvili ("Grenoble", France), Irakli Mirtskhulava ("Tarbes", France), Karlen Aseishvili ("Aurillac", France ), Levan Chilachava ("Toulon", France), Kote Mikautadze ("Toulon", France), Davit Chitidze ("Armia", Tbilisi), Mikheil Gachechiladze ("Academy", Tbilisi), Giorgi Tkhilaishvili ("Armia", Tbilisi ), Givi Berishvili ("Lokomotivi", Tbilisi), Lasha Tavartkiladze ("Armia", Tbilisi), George Tkesheliadze ("Gloucester", England), Beka Bitsadze ("Armia", Tbilisi).

‘The two Gloucester players are fringe U20s, I believe’. ‘4N’ at

21.03.2012 v Esher RFC at Esher Won 25-8. 2 yellow cards and 1 red for Georgia A.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Wales 16, France 9 in Cardiff (6 Nations)
England 30, Ireland 9 at Twickenham (6 Nations)
Italy 13, Scotland 6 in Rome (6 Nations)
Georgia 46, Russia 0 in Tiblisi (ENC 1A)
Spain 13, Romania 12 in Madrid (ENC 1A)
Ukraine 35, Portugal 33 in Odessa (ENC 1A)
Belgium 30, Germany 29 in Heusenstamm (ENC 1B)
Switzerland 85, Slovenia 0 in Nyon (ENC 2B)

Wales win the 2012 International 6 Nations Rugby Championship and the Grand Slam. Congratulations Wales.

England have made enormous strides this season. They displayed the progress with a big win over Ireland. Interim English coach Stuart Lancaster must have added more points in his favour when England management decide the next England coach.

Italy handed Scotland the Wooden Spoon yet again. Andy Robinson will now be giving serious thoughts as to his future as coach of Scotland.

Georgia simply crushed Russia in Tblisi. They now have their heads in front for the 2012 Championship honour. They must defeat Ukraine with bonus points to ensure this.

Speaking of Ukraine, they gained their first victory for ages, defeating Portugal 35-33 at home.

Spain sneaked passed Romania 13-12 to keep their 2012 Championship aspirations alive.

Switzerland is the European team on the rise. They crushed a hapless Slovenia 85-0 in Nyon.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Regret due to other commitments this weekend I am unable to preview rugby test matches fully.

WALES 4 4 0 0 93 49 23 8
ENGLAND 4 3 0 1 68 62 6 6
IRELAND 4 2 1 1 82 44 48 5
FRANCE 4 2 1 1 92 70 22 5
SCOTLAND 4 0 0 4 50 95 -45 0
ITALY 4 0 0 4 40 115 -75 0

France v Wales in Cardiff (6 Nations)
This is the big game this weekend. Wales only need to win or draw to clinch the 6 Nations Championship. A win would also give them the Grand Slam. Only England stands in their way if they lose to France.
France by 4

Ireland v England at Twickenham (6 Nations)
For England to have a chance of winning the Championship they must win this game and win it well.
England by 10

Scotland v Italy in Rome (6 Nations)
This is the match for the wooden spoon.
Scotland by 4

GEORGIA 8 7 0 1 237 80 157 3 1 32
ROMANIA 8 5 0 3 219 95 124 3 3 26
RUSSIA 8 4 0 4 171 174 -3 2 2 20
PORTUGAL 9 4 0 5 182 195 -13 2 2 20
SPAIN 8 4 0 4 175 222 -47 2 2 20
UKRAINE 7 0 0 7 86 304 -218 0 0 0

The above chart is for the 2010-12 Competition. The one below is just for 2012

SPAIN 3 2 0 1 83 47 36 1 1 10
ROMANIA 3 2 0 1 53 26 27 1 1 10
GEORGIA 3 2 0 1 69 45 24 1 1 10
RUSSIA 3 2 0 1 71 76 -5 1 0 9
PORTUGAL 4 1 0 3 69 97 -28 0 2 6
UKRAINE 2 0 0 2 25 79 -54 0 0 0

Russia v Georgia in Tiblisi (ENC 1A)
Both teams not fielding their strongest lineups for this years ENC 1A. These two teams are playing on a non neutral ground since their war a few years ago. I expect the Russians to get a ‘warm’ reception. But isn’t it great that sport can traverse political differences?
Georgia by 24

Romania v Spain in Madrid (ENC 1A)
Romanians may find the Spanish a handful at home. Despite their loss last weekend to Portugal, Spain is a team improving.
Spain by 8

Portugal v Ukraine in Odessa (ENC 1A)
More than likely a one-side affair. Ukraine destined for relegation to Division 1B
Portugal by 22

BELGIUM 8 7 0 1 253 107 146 3 1 32
MOLDOVA 8 5 1 2 161 131 30 2 1 25
POLAND 8 5 1 2 193 150 43 1 1 24
CZECH R. 10 4 0 6 160 218 -57 1 3 20
GERMANY 8 3 0 5 160 175 -15 0 3 15
NETH. 8 0 0 8 94 241 -147 0 1 1

Belgium v Germany in Heusenstamm (ENC 1B)
Germany showed some improvement in their play when they defeated Czech Republic last weekend. I still expect Belgium to win and move to ENC 1A next season.
Belgium by 8

SWITZ. 6 5 0 1 148 104 44 1 1 23
ANDORRA 6 3 0 3 121 96 25 1 2 15
SERBIA 6 3 0 3 137 135 2 1 0 13
ARMENIA 4 2 0 2 80 62 18 0 2 10
SLOVENIA 6 1 0 5 56 125 -69 0 0 4

Slovenia v Switzerland in Nyon (ENC 2B)
Switzerland to win easily. They are a team on the move.
Switzerland by 24