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Argentina, holder of the CONSUR Cup, has two challengers this year. Uruguay finished 1st and Paraguay 2nd in last years CONSUR A so they have the right to challenge Argentina.

Argentina are not fielding any of their overseas professionals in these challenge matches. In fact the team that takes on Paraguay in Asuncion next weekend will be completely different to the one that was fielded today. And , it is reported, a third squad will take on the Fiji Warriors, their ‘A’ team. in two weeks time.



Hong Kong scored a last minute try to snatch this game away from Korea. The Koreans suffered a red card during the game and a yellow later in the game. This created opportunities that Hong Kong took. The win was not enough to force Korea off the second place on the table.

Sri Lanka, winner of Division 1, has decided not to challenge Hong Kong for a place in ARC Top 3 2016.


United Arab Emirates 16, Chinese Taipei 12 in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)
Malaysia 53, Thailand 7 in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)

Malaysia ran away with the game against Thailand to clinch the ARC Division 2 title. They will be promoted to ARC Division 1 for 2016. UAE defeated Chinese Taipei 16-12.

Saturday, May 16, 2015



Venue: Kuala Lumpur

Today’s Games
United Arab Emirates v Chinese Taipei
Malaysia v Thailand

Malaysia and UAE should win their games comfortably. This would give Malaysia the ARC Div.2 title and automatic promotion to Division 1 for 2016.

At this stage Thailand looks ripe for relegation to Division 3. However Division 3 is divided into an East Zone and a West Zone for 2015. I’m not sure what happens in a relegation/promotion scenario.

UAE by 23 v Chinese Taipei: Score 36-13
Malaysia by 22 over Thailand: Score 33-19

For squad lists go to Day 1, Sunday 10 May

KOREA v HONG KONG: Asia Rugby Championship, T3


Hong Kong Rugby Football Union (香港欖球總會)'s photo.

Venue: Namdong Rugby Ground, Seoul

Image thanks to

Live streaming

This test rugby match will decide 2nd place in the 2015 ARC Top 3. There is not a lot hinging on the loser as Sri Lanka, winner of 2015 ARC Division 1, will not challenge the 3rd place team for a place in the 2016 ARC Top 3.

My records show that Hong Kong has never defeated Korea in Korea in a rugby test match. I can’t see that changing Saturday

Other previews

Last Five Encounters
25.05.2015 Korea 33-26 in Hong Kong (ARC Top 3)
10.05.2014 Hong Kong 39-6 in Hong Kong (Asia 5 Nations)
18.05.2013 Korea 43-27 in Ansan (Asia 5 Nations)
05.05.2012 Korea 21-19 in Hong Kong (Asia 5 Nations)
24.04.2010 Hong Kong 32-8 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia 5 Nations)

Korea last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
25.04.2015 v Hong Kong W 33-26 in Hong Kong (ARC Top 3)
18.04.2015 v Japan L 30-56 in Incheon (ARC Top 3)
24.05.2014 v Philippines W 52-22 in Makati (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
17.05.2014 v Japan L 5-62 in Incheon (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
10.05.2014 v Hong Kong L 6-39 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)

Hong Kong Last Five P 5, L 5 
02.05.2015 v Japan L 0-41 in Tokyo (ARC Top 3)
25.04.2015 v Korea L 26-33 in Hong Kong (ARC Top 3)
15.11.2014 v Russia L 27-39 in Hong Kong (Ustinov Cup, 2nd test)
08.11.2014 v Russia L 10-31 in Hong Kong (Ustinov Cup, 1st test)
25.05.2014 v Japan L 8-49 in Tokyo (WCA Asia; Asia 5 Nations)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia table: Korea 2nd, Hong Kong 3rd

World Rugby Ranking Points
Korea 58.35, Hong Kong 54.64

Prediction: Korea by 14 points



Hong Kong

1. John Aikman
2. Lachlan Chubb
3. Jack Parfitt
4. Paul Dwyer
5. Adrian Griffiths (Debut)
6. Matt Lamming
7. Toby Fenn
8. Nick Hewson (captain)
9. Lee Ka To
10. Ben Rimene
11. Yiu Kam Shing
12. Max Woodward
13. Jamie Hood
14. Tom McQueen
15. Alex McQueen
16. Alex Harris
17. Wei Hon Sum
18. Jack Nielsen
19. Jack Delaforce
20. Alex Baddeley
21. Damian Bailey
22. Tyler Spitz
23. Niall Rowark
24. Adam Rolston


Korea Squad Not available

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ASIA RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: Division 2, Day 2 Results

Chinese Taipei 29, Thailand 24 in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)
Malaysia 20, United Arab Emirates 19 in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)

Malaysia just squeaked past UAE whilst Chinese Taipei outlasted Thailand.

Final Day Saturday
United Arab Emirates v Chinese Taipei in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)
Malaysia v Thailand in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)

Malaysia needs to defeat Thailand to take the title and gain promotion to Division 1 for 2016.


Thailand v Chinese Taipei in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)
Malaysia v United Arab Emirates in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Division 2)

Day One Results

United Arab Emirates 53, Thailand 22 in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)
Malaysia 46, Chinese Taipei 13, in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)

Both UAE and Malaysia had convincing wins on day one in this round robin tournament. The leading team after day three will be promoted to Division 1 for 2015 whilst the last placed team will be relegated to Division 3.

Thailand to defeat Chinese Taipei
UAE to defeat Malaysia by 7 points, score 20-13

Sunday, May 10, 2015


ARC Division 2 gets underway today in Malaysia. Unlike Division 1, this is a round robin tournament.

United Arab Emirates v Thailand in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)

UAE emerged from the old Arabian Gulf Rugby Union in 2011. After initially remaining in the top league it was soon apparent they were just not up to the elite Asian rugby standard. Last year they lost to Singapore and on that result were relegated to yet a lower division. It will be interesting to see how they fare at this level.

The UAE’s biggest challenge is to engage the ethnic Arab population in this sport. To date they have had limited success their players being mostly ex pats qualifying on residential grounds.

Thailand has a long and rich rugby history. Heavily supported by the armed forces

Previous Encounters
These two teams have not yet met in a test rugby match

United Arab Emirates Last Five P 5, L 5
23.04.2014 v Singapore L 13-30 in Dubai (Asia Nations Div.1)
18.05.2013 v Philippines L 8-24 in Manila (WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
10.05.2013 v Japan L 3-93 in Dubai ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
26.04.2013 v Korea L 10-75 in Al Ain ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)
20.04.2013 v Hong Kong L 7-53 in Hong Kong ((WCQ Africa; Asia 5 Nations)

Thailand Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
29.10.2014 v Malaysia L 10-29 in Bangkok (Vaijirabngkom Cup)
25.10.2014 v Malaysia W 33-16 in Bangkok (Vaijirabngkom Cup)
23.05.2014 v Iran L 22-26 in Doha (Asia Nations Div.2, 3rd-4th)
20.05.2014 v Qatar L 11-24 in Doha (Asia Nations Div.2, semi-final)
06.04.2013 v Chinese Taipei L 23-52 in Colombo (WCQ Asia; Asia Nat. Div.1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: UAE 6th, Thailand 11th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Thailand 41.35, UAE 30.00

Note: UAE began with 30.00 when it first played a test in 2011 and did not inherit points gained by Arabian Gulf.

Prediction: Thailand by 15 points. Score 29-14




15- Khamkoet Warongkron
14- Pannapat Pooltharat
13- Peerapol Chukoun (Debut)
12- Khomchak Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhaya
11- Thitipat Losuwannakul (Debut)
10- Klin Laksanasompong
09- Akarin Thitisakulvit
08- Apichai Phichaikamol
07- Pathomrat Sirisab, Capt.
06- Phoowin Charernsereechai (Debut)
05- Napat Prompataya
04- John Robert Nichol (Debut)
03- Raitaro Isobe (Debut)
02- Chawiatt Klongtrujrok
01- San Hansapinyo
16- Kritpakon Prapakon (Debut)
17- Thammarat Lolek (Debut)
18- Patchraraphat Sornritchingchai
19- Surasak Sutmart (Debut)
20- Sarut Janda (Debut)
21- Kwan Chumjai
22- Angkrit Wanichkamolnant (Debut)
23- Sarawin Chinnawong (Debut)
Head Coach: Atapol Wongratana

Thanks to Nattapol Hemyoo, Assistant Manager, Thai RFU

Note: Test caps I have been given need to be confirmed as in one case they seem very high. Waiting to hear confirmation


United Arab Emirates Squad

Walid Al Blooshi*
Hassan Al Noobi*
Mohammad Al Alawi
Hareb Al Azri*
Clint Berkenshaw
Jonathan Bester
Jaen Botes
Michael Botha
Phil Brady
Tyson Byrne
Andrew Carphin
Ryno Fourie
Jonathan Greenwood
Paul Hart
Mohamed Hassan*
Matt Hutchings
Chris Jones Griffiths
Edward Lewsey
Daniel Minks
Graham Murphy
Mohannad Shaker*
Niall Statham
Adam Telford (Capt.)
Justin Walsh
Mark Weissenborn

* denotes Emirati players

Chinese Taipei v Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur (ARC Div.2)



Until recently Chinese Taipei has dominated Malaysia in their rugby test matches. There was a time when Chinese Taipei were ranked either third or fourth in Asian rugby, now they languish around 9th or 10th.

Other Previews

Last Five Encounters
17.04.2010 Malaysia 35-8 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; 3rd-4th)
21.06.2003 Chinese Taipei 54-0 in Kuala Lumpur (Asia Tournament, B)
30.03.2002 Chinese Taipei 57-3 in Ipoh Padang (WCQ Asia, R1; Pool A)
20.12.1997 Chinese Taipei 51-13 in Tainan (WCQ Asia, Round B)
24.10.1994 Chinese Taipei 23-15 in Kuala Lumpur (14th Asian Championship)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: Chinese Taipei 9th, Malaysia 10th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Chinese Taipei 42.62, Malaysia 42.22

Prediction: Malaysia by 2 points. Score 25-23



Malaysia Squad

1 Azman Osman
2 Mohd Nurazaman Ramli
3 Muhammad Syabil Laila
4 Dinesvaran Krisnan
5 Sae Falupega
6 Nik Mohd Shahiddan Mohd Zain
7 Mohamad Syarif Sudin
8 Eto Vaka Saukuru
9 Mohd Saizul Hafifi Md Noor
10 Mohd Syahir Asraf Rosli
11 Faat Hor Rozi
12 Atunaisa Lacadamu Takubu
13 Vatimio Rabebe
14 Tengku Mohd Fariz Tengku Roslan
15 Seru Pepeli Naqasima
16 Amirul Mukminim Amizan
17 Amirul Sani
18 Mohd Hazuwan Mohamad Zakeri
19 Wan Izzudin Ismail
20 Ras Hurairah Razbi
21 Mohd Rosmanizam Roslan
22 Mohamad Aiman Jamaluddin
23 Isoa Vuluma Turuva ... ship-2015/


Chinese Taipei squad not available

Saturday, May 9, 2015



Image thanks to ‘victorsra’ at

Venue: Bento Goncalves

Referee: Francisco Gonzalez (Uruguay)

These two teams are very evenly matched at this level of competition. Honours were shared last year but prior to that Brazil had the upper hand.

Paraguay will be shaping towards it’s clash with Argentina on 23 May. They came second in last years CONSUR A tournament and so qualified for this year’s CONSUR Cup along with Uruguay. Argentina won’t be at full strength but even so it will be a formidable task to hold the Pumas. Good wins against Brazil are a must if Paraguay is seen to be competitive.

Brazil as a rugby nation is going from strength to strength. The game is developing rapidly throughout the nation. With the 2016 Olympics in Brazil just around the corner and the reintroduction of rugby (in seven’s format) at the Olympics has brought rugby in Brazil to the attention of the world.

Last Five Encounters
29.11.2014 Brazil 21-13 in Sao Jose Dos Campos (Friendly)
10.05.2014 Paraguay 31-24 in Asuncion (CONSUR A)
27.10.2012 Brazil 35-22 in Sao Paulo (CONSUR A/B Playoff)
20.05.2011 Brazil 51-14 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
19.05.2010 Brazil 23-18 in Santiago (CONSUR A Preliminary)

Paraguay Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
03.05.2015 v Chile L 25-35 in Asuncion (CONSUR A)
11.04.2015 v Uruguay L 3-77 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
29.11.2014 v Brazil L 13-21 in Sao Jose Dos Campos (Friendly)
10.05.2014 v Brazil W 31-24 in Asuncion (CONSUR A)
03.05.2014 v Chile L 18-22 in Conception (CONSUR A)

Brazil Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
25.04.2015 v Chile L 3-32 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
18.04.2015 v Uruguay L 9-48 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
29.11.2014 v Paraguay W 21-13 in Sao Jose Dos Campos (Friendly)
22.11.2014 v Uruguay ‘A’ L 6-25 in Volta Redonda (Friendly)
10.05.2014 v Paraguay L 24-31 in Asuncion (CONSUR A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Paraguay 4th, Brazil 5th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Brazil 50.74, Paraguay 48.98

Prediction: Should be very close. Goes to the home side by 7 points. Score 25-18



Brazil Squad

Arthur Bergo – Camelo – SPAC;
Beukes Cremer – Beukes – PASTEUR;
Bruno Garcia – Bruninho – JACAREÍ;
Cláudio Medeiros – Macaxeira – URA;
David Pereira Martins Prates – David – PASTEUR;
Diogo Paixão – Paixão – LOUSÃ (Portugal);
Felipe Tissot – Tissot – Curitiba;
Frederico Cândido Costa – Fred – SÃO JOSÉ;
Jardel Vettorato – Jarda – BRUMMERS;
Leonardo Cecarelli – Leo – Ilhabela;
Lucas Abud – Jequitibá – JEQUITIBÁ CAMPINAS;
Lucas Piero de Moraes – Bruxinho – DESTERRO;
Lucas Tranquez – Zé – SPAC;
Mateus Estrela M. Tavares – Estrela – NITERÓI;
Matheus Daniel – Mathias – JACAREÍ;
Nelson Oliveira – Nelson – SÃO JOSÉ;
Nick Smith – Nick – SPAC;
Pedro Henrique da Costa Lopes – Pedrinho – SÃO JOSÉ;
Rafael Carnivalle – Carnaval – SPAC;
Rafael Morales – Grilo – SÃO JOSE;
Vitor Ancina de Oliveira – Vitão – Curitiba;
Yan Machado – Yan – Curitiba.
Técnico: Rodolfo Ambrósio


Thanks to ‘victorsra’ at



Alvaro Rojas, Christian Martínez, Juan Gavigán, Andrés Nasser, Alejandro Montiel, Carlos Plate, Leonardo Glitz, Miguel Jara, Gonzalo Bareiro, Gerard Cuttier, Horacio Aguero, Diego Argaña (C), Mateo Arévalo, Sergio Alvarenga, Hugo Chávez, Gustavo Zárate, Martín Sitjar, César De Brix, José Lezcano, Luis Mauger, Alejandro Feldman, Juan Martín Ortiz, Pablo Espínola and Joaquín Vera.

Yakarés without the good third rower Carlos Bareiro, for me the best against Chile.

Brazil is also without the best player, João Luiz da Ros "Ige", flanker.
Martin Schaefer is also out of the Tupis because his son will born.

Thanks to ‘victorsra’ at



Venue: Santiago

Image thanks to

Embedded image permalink
Image thanks to

Referee: Mauro Rivera (Argentina)

This looks to be a virtual final of the CONSUR A. Both teams are undefeated in this tournament to date.

Uruguay struggled last time they played in Santiago. They are also without a number of leading overseas based players.

Last Five Encounters
14.05.2014 Uruguay 55-13 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
04.05.2013 Uruguay 23-9 in Montevideo (WCQ America, CONSUR A)
23.05.2012 Uruguay 27-26 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
20.05.2011 Chile 21-18 in Iguazu (CONSUR A Preliminary)
19.05.2010 Uruguay 36-19 (CONSUR A)

Uruguay Last Five P 5, W 4, L 1
18.04.2015 v Brazil W 48-9 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
11.04.2015 v Paraguay W 77-3 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
12.10.2014 v Russia W 36-27 in Montevideo (WCQ Rep.; R2 Playoff 2nd leg)
27.09.2014 v Russia L 21-22 in Krasnoyarsk (WCQ Rep.; R2 Playoff 1st leg)
02.08.2014 v Hong Kong W 28-3 in Montevideo (WCQ Rep. R1 Playoff)

Chile Last Five P 5, W 3, L 2
03.05.2015 v Paraguay W 35-25 in Asuncion (CONSUR A)
25.04.2015 v Brazil W 32-3 in Santiago (CONSUR A)
25.05.2014 v Argentina L 12-73 in Santiago (CONSUR CUP)
10.05.2014 v Uruguay L 13-55 in Montevideo (CONSUR A)
03.05.2014 v Paraguay W 22-18 in Conception (CONSUR A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table: Uruguay 2nd, Chile 3rd

World Rugby Ranking Points
Uruguay 63.58, Chile 55.87

Prediction: Uruguay by 15 points. Score 28-13


Chile RFU logo


1- Ramón Ayarza (US Carcassonne, France)
2- Manuel Gurruchaga, Capt. (COBS)
3- Luis Sepúlveda (Troncos RC)
4- Ignacio Álvarez (COBS)
5- Matías Cabrera (Old Boys)
6- Benjamín Soto (Stade Francais)
7- Francisco Hurtado (Old Georgians)
8- Javier Richard (COBS)
9- Juan Pablo Perrotta (Univ. Catolica)
10- Javier Valderrama (Old Macks)
11- Italo Zunino (COBS)
12- Cristián Onetto (COBS)
13- Matías Nordenflycht (COBS)
14- Matías Contreras (Alumni RC)
15- Francisco Urroz (Old Reds)

16- Cristóbal Niedmann (PWCC)
17- Claudio Zamorano (Stade Francais)
18- José Tomás Munita (Univ. Catolica)
19- Felipe Molinare (Stade Francais)
20- Manuel Dagnino (Old Macks)
21- Sergio Bascuñán (Old Macks)
22- José Ignacio Larenas (Univ. Catolica)
23- Iñaki Barturen (Old Reds)

Head Coach: Paul Healy

Adapted from[tt_news]=3679&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=54ef51dd0b

COBS-Craighouse Old Boys RFC
Old Boys- Old Grangonian Club
Old Macks- Old Mackayans RFC
Alumni RC-Santiago College Alumni Rugby Association
Old Reds- Redland School
PWCC-Prince of Wales Country Club
Old Georgians-Old Georgians Association. St George’s College
Old Johns-St John’s College Old Boys



1- Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
2- Nicolas Klappenbach, Capt. (Champagnat)
3- Carlos Arboleya (Trébol RC)
4- Mathias Palomeque (Trébol RC)
5- Jorge Zerbino (Old Christians)
6- Fernando Bascou (PSG)
7- Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)
8- Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
9- Alejo Durán (Trebol RC)
10- Manuel Blengio (Old Christians)
11- Santiago Gibernau (Carrasco Polo Club)
12- Alberto Román (PSG)
13- Joaquín Prada (Los Cuervos)
14- Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)
15-Jerónimo Etcheverry (Carrasco Polo Club)

16- Óscar Duran (Carrasco Polo Club)
17- Arturo Ávalo (Carrasco Polo Club)
18- Mateo Sanguinetti (Los Cuervos)
19- Gabriel Puig (Uruguay 7s)
20- Mathias Braun (PSG)
21- Agustín Alonso (?)
22- Federico Favaro (?)
23- Rodrigo Silva (Carrasco Polo Club)

Head Coach:Pablo Lemoine

Adapted from[tt_news]=3679&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=54ef51dd0b

UKRAINE v POLAND: Rugby Europe Champ., Div. 1B


Venue: Lublin

Referee: Tomas Tuma (Czech Republic)

BELGIUM 5 5 0 0 189 75 114 2 22
MOLDOVA 5 3 0 2 155 83 72 4 16
POLAND 4 2 0 2 86 126 -40 1 9
NETHERLANDS 3 1 0 2 47 42 5 2 6
UKRAINE 3 1 0 2 70 54 16 1 5
SWEDEN 4 0 0 4 35 202 -167 0 0

Neither of these teams looks like threatening Belgium’s grip on this competition. With Sweden holding the wooden spoon at present and not looking like letting it go, there’s not a lot at stake on this game. Both sides would need to improve their performances in order to threaten Moldova’s second place.

’The game is being held in the east of the country in Lublin near to the Ukrainian border in the newly built 15,000 seater football stadium. The game will be shown on the Polish satellite channel Polsat Sport News. The city produces good rugby teams at youth level but are currently in the second division. The last rugby international played there was 15 years ago and the union are hoping to break their previous attendance record of 6,500 (vs Belgium in Warsaw, 2009)’.

‘Recent games between these two countries have been close with Poland winning a violent encounter in Gdynia 13-12 in 2013 with the Ukraine winning 29:28 in Lviv a year later.

Poland seem to have long abandoned their old coach Putra's experiment of bringing in French and British players of Polish origin for a mainly Polish born and based squad, with a few flying in from France and Scotland. They have recently returned from tour to South Africa and will be aided in their preparation by Blikkies Gronewald who is one of the Blue Bulls coaches. Results for Poland have not been great of late with a win over bottom of the group Sweden and by one point over the Netherlands. They also shipped a lot of points against Moldova and Belgium so this could almost be seen as a must win game for the Poles.

As a small aside, the old coach (Putra) preference for using foreign born or based players helped get Poland up to 25 in the world rankings. He moved on after disagreements with the union and now coaches the Czech team with a simmered down version of the same strategy. The Czechs, who are a division below Poland, are currently ranked at 34 in the world, while Poland are at 35.

The Ukrainian team seem to have a lot a familiar names in the likes of Lomakin, Garkavyy, Chaika, Radchuk etc... several of whom have played in the Polish domestic final game and even won the Championship there so must feel confident, however Poland traditionally play much better at home so this might be another close one.’

‘Poulter’ at

Last Five Encounters
26.04.2014 Ukraine 29-28 in Lvov (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
30.03.2013 Poland 13-12 in Gdansk (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
12.09.2009 Ukraine 19-12 in Kiev (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
04.10.2008 Ukraine 13-12 in Lotz ((WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
25.10.2003 Ukraine 24-13 in Lotz (ENC 2A)

Ukraine Last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
15.11.2014 v Belgium L 10-25 in Irpin (REC 1B)
08.11.2014 v Moldova L 15-29 in Chisinau (REC 1B)
18.10.2014 v Sweden W 45-0 in Enkoping (REC 1B)
26.04.2014 v Poland W 29-28 in Lvov (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)
12.04.2014 v Moldova L 8-28 in Chisinau (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)

Poland Last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
18.04.2015 v Belgium L 23-53 in Brussels (REC 1B)
15.11.2014 v Moldova L 25-48 in Chisinau (REC 1B)
18.10.2014 v Netherlands W 9-8 in Warsaw (REC 1B)
06.09.2014 v Sweden W 29-17 in Warsaw (REC 1B)
26.04.2014 v Ukraine L 28-29 in Lvov (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Ukraine 18th, Poland 19th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Ukraine 52.33, Poland 51.00

Prediction: Ukraine by 5 points. Score 26-21



Poland Squad

Kamil Bobryk - CS Vienne (France)
Radosław Bysewski - Arka Gdynia
Craig Bachurzewski - Biggar RFC (Scotland)
Adrian Chróściel - Pogoń Siedlce
Paweł Grabski - Budowlani Łódź SA
Grzegorz Buczek - Lechia Gdańsk
Piotr Zeszutek - Ogniwo Sopot
Karol Perzak - Arka Gdynia
Aleksander Nowicki - AS Macon Rugby (France)
Marek Płonka - Lechia Gdańsk
Mateusz Bartoszek - Glasgow Hawks (Scotland)
Paweł Dąbrowski - Arka Gdynia
Stanisław Powała-Niedźwiecki - Budowlani Lublin

Dawid Banaszek - Arka Gdynia
Łukasz Szostek - Arka Gdynia
Rafał Janeczko - Lechia Gdańsk
Szymon Sirocki - Arka Gdynia
Dawid Popławski - FCTT Toulouse (France)
Patryk Reksulak - Budowlani Łódź SA
Tomasz Gasik - Orkan Sochaczew
Rafał Szrajber - Arka Gdynia
Piotr Psuj - Pogoń Siedlce
Tomasz Rokicki - Lechia Gdańsk
Radosław Rakowski - Arka Gdynia
Dawid Plichta - Orkan Sochaczew
Mateusz Pawłowski - Orkan Sochaczew

Daniel Bartkowiak - Arka Gdynia
Cyprian Majcher - Budowlani Łódź SA
Mariusz Wilczuk - Lechia Gdańsk

Thanks to ‘Polter’ at


Ukraine Squad

Forwards: Sergei Suhih, Nikolai Kirsanov (captain), Konstantin Hurylov Alexander Tsapenko Alexander Lomakin, Valentine Litvinenko (all "Olympus", Kharkiv), Eugene Seagull Vitaliy Kramarenko, Ruslan Radchuk, Edward Vertyletskyy (all "CREDO-1963" Odessa), Nicholas Oleksandryuk ("Mace", Taganrog), Vladislav Demetskyy, Vyacheslav Demyanchuk (both "Khmelnitsky" Khmelnytsky), Wladyslaw Grabowski ("Arka Gdynia", Poland).

Midfielders: Maxim Kravchenko, Sergei Church (both "Olympus", Kharkiv), Sergei Yanchiy ("Mace", Taganrog).

Backs: Vyacheslav Ponomarenko, Harkavyy Sergey, Oleg Kosarev Maxim Churayev Vladimir Voytov (all "Olympus", Kharkov), Denis Masyukov Paul Masyukov, Eugene Zalewski, Vitaly Krasnodemskyy (all "CREDO-1963", Odessa).

Thanks to ‘Polter’ at

DENMARK v LUXEMBOURG: Rugby Europe Champ. 2C


Venue: Josy Barthel Stadium, Luxembourg

SLOVENIA 4 3 0 1 92 53 49 2 14
LUXEMBOURG 3 3 0 0 68 24 44 1 13
SERBIA 4 3 0 2 50 109 -59 0 8
AUSTRIA 4 1 0 3 61 84 -23 2 6
DENMARK 3 0 0 3 59 70 -11 3 3

Newly promoted from RED 2D at the end of the 2012-14 competition Luxembourg has hit the road running in their new level of test rugby. They remain undefeated after three games and have bottom dweller Denmark standing between them and a clean sweep.

Luxembourg’s long term head coach Marty Davis says farewell to the senior coaching roll at the end of this game.

Denmark on the other were relegated from ENC 2B following the 2012-14 competition. The irony is that they hold up the bottom of the table. Surely this must be one of Denmark’s low points in international test rugby.

Previous Encounter
13.11.2004 Denmark 6-5 in Cessange (WCQ Europe R2, Pool B)

Denmark Last Five P 5, W 1, L 4
25.04.2015 v Serbia L 22-25 in Odense (REC 2C)
25.10.2014 v Slovenia L 10-16 in Odense (REC 2C)
11.10.2014 v Austria L 27-29 in Vienna (REC 2C)
03.05.2014 v Latvia L 9-16 in Odense (ENC 2B)
12.04.2014 v Serbia W 33-19 in Belgrade (ENC 2B)

Luxembourg Last Five P 5, W 5

18.04.2015 v Slovenia W 14-11 in Ljubliana (REC 2C)
08.11.2014 v Austria W 18-13 in Luxembourg (REC 2C)
25.10.2014 v Serbia W 36-0 in Belgrade (REC 2C)
10.05.2014 v Finland W 27-7 in Luxembourg (ENC 2D)
26.04.2014 v Greece W 52-8 in Thessalonika (ENC 2D)

Luxembourg has now won five tests in a row. This is their record for the most consecutive wins.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Luxembourg 28th, Denmark 32nd

World Rugby Ranking Points
Luxembourg 39.94, Denmark 36.04

Prediction: Luxembourg by 12 points. Score 32-20


Luxembourg logo

Luxembourg Squad

1.Benji Blanchet
2.Zelito Neves dos Santos
3.Saman Rezapour
4.Christian Olsen
5.Vinnie Giffard
6.Chris Lowe
7.Jean-Baptiste Vert
8.Francois Simon
9. Stuart Logier
10.Gareth Geoffreys
11.Kevin Kombia
12.Scott Browne
13.Yared Ketema
14. Philippe Vimond
15. Adrien Timmermans
16. Yannick Boone
17.Adam Marcus
18. Thomas Kremer
19. Julien da Col
20.Tim Seite
21.Will Dennis
22. Tertius Barnard
23. Christopher Rossa



1 Michael Friis Larsen (16 test caps)
2 Rasmus Dufke, kaptajn (16)
3 Niels Gotfredsen (26)
4 Jeppe M. Holm (3)
5 Michael Husum Mortensen (3)
6 Yuiry Byelskyy (2)
7 Nicklas V. Tell (9)
8 Johannes Mackeprang (13)
9 Victor Hounou (2)
10 Mark Franklin Nielsen (debut)
11 Christian Melgaard (12)
12 Simon M Holm (debut)
13 Tomas Mayne (5)
14 Gerard Hounou (6)
15 Josh Jensen (15)

16 Lasse RH Larsen (-)debut?
17 Ruben Garcia Pedersen (4)
18 Malte Madsen (2)
19 Jonas Haaning (41)
20 Christian Ø Olsen (2)
21 James Rosenfeldt (6)
22 Mads Jensen (2)
23 Joakim Calmar Nielsen (1)

Head Coach: Mikael Lai Rasmussen ... -v-danmark



Venue: Kamberovic Polje, Zenica

Referee:Csaba Priskin (Hungary)

BOSNIA H. 3 3 0 0 122 44 78 2 14
FINLAND 2 1 0 1 39 39 0 1 5
BULGARIA 2 1 0 1 38 78 -40 1 5
TURKEY 2 0 0 2 44 60 -16 2 2
NORWAY 1 0 0 1 10 32 -22 0 0

Bosnia Herzegovina are firmly in place at the top of the table and Norway at the bottom. I don’t see that situation changing at the end of this rugby test match.

When these two teams last met in 2014 the visitors were put to the sword. Even with the withdrawl of two players Bosnia Herzegovina is a team going places and I can’t see Norway getting anywhere near close.

Previous Encounters
19.04.2014 Bosnia Herzegovina 43-0 in Zenica (ENC 2D)
03.11.2012 Norway 11-9 in Bergen (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 2D)

Norway Last Five P 5, W 2, L 3
18.10.2014 v Finland W 20-12 in Oslo (REC 2D, Round 2)
04.10.2014 v Finland L 10-32 in Helsinki (REC 2D, Round 1)
10.05.2014 v Greece W 45-23 in Bergen (ENC 2D)
19.04.2014 v Bosnia Herzegovina L 0-43 in Zenica (ENC 2D)
19.10.2013 v Luxembourg L 7-9 in Oslo (ENC 2D)

Bosnia Herzegovina Last Five P 5, W 3, L 2
25.04.2015 v Finland W 29-7 in Zeniva (REC 2D)
25.10.2014 v Turkey W 34-25 in Edrine (REC 2D)
04.10.2014 v Bulgaria W 59-12 in Zenica (REC 2D)
07.06.2014 v Austria L 12-26 in Tesanj (ENC 2C-2D Playoff)
31.05.2014 v Finland L 24-29 in Turku (ENC 2D)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table: Bosnia Herzegovina 34th, Norway 37th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Bosnia Herzegovina 35.05, Norway 31.82

Prediction: Bosnia Herzegovina by 38 points. Score 45-7



Bosnia Herzegovina

15- Sabahudin Subašić Age 29
14- Adnan Hamzić 23
13- Selmir Glavaš 24
12- Sedad Tufekčić 30
11- Fadil Spahić 21
10- Armin Vehabović 29
09- Armin Zadić 26
08- Senad Turčinović 25
07- Danijel Keserović 33
06- Haris Oruč 21
05- Alem Haračić 24
04- Edin Pojskić 16-Born 19.12.1998!
03- Nermin Selimbegović 30
02- Mirsad Fetić 35
01- Semir Ajanović 29
16- Adis Bašić 36
17- Emir Čerim 20
18-Muhamed Mrkaljević 17-Another young player
19- Nejro Ahmić 22
20- Semir Topčić 18-And another
21- Elvis Tuka 25
22- Sandro Mrgić 23
23-Haris Begić 17-yet another!
Head Coach: Kenan Uzunović

Adapted from and from email from RAGBI SAVEZ BiH

Two players are missing from original line up. Not sure which one but withdrawl due to death in the family.

Pojskić. If his DOB is correct at 16 years of age he would have to be one of the youngest test players in 2015. And he is a lock! I don’t have his measurements. We had a 67 year old Curacao player last weekend.

Amost recent logo

Norway squad not available



Philippines v Sri Lanka in Manila (ARC Division 1, Final)


Sri Lanka and the Philippines were the two teams that were demoted to Division 1 following the revamping of the Asia Rugby Championship. So it is no real surprise that they square off to find the winner of Division 1. My understanding is that the winner has the right to challenge, or not, the last placed team in the ARC Top 3. As from 2016, as I understand it, that challenge will be compulsory.

When these two teams met last year Philippines won by one point, a controversial second conversion attempt of a last minute try.

Historically Philippines has the better record and with the home advantage I expect them to win.

Previous Encounters
17.05.2014 Philippines 26-25 in Colombo (WCQ Asia; Asia 5 Nations)
21.04.2012 Philippines 28-18 in Manila (WCQ Asia; Asia Nations Div.1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: Philippines 4th, Sri Lanka 7th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Sri Lanka 46.95, Philippines 45.57

Prediction: Philippines by 13 points. Score 33-20



Philippines Team list not available


Sri Lanka Squad

Randika Alwis (Army Sports Club)
Suhiru Anthony (Navy Sports Club)
Dinusha Chathuranga (Navy Sports Club)
Kavindu de Costa (Havelock Sports Club)
Shehan Dimithri (Kandy Sports Club)
Ganuka Disanayaka (Havelock Sports Club)
Sharo Fernando (Navy Sports Club)
Sandun Herath (Havelock Sports Club)
Kishore Jahan (Kandy Sports Club)
Shahsika Jayawardane
Fazil Marija, Capt. (Kandy Sports Club)
Jason Melder (Havelock Sports Club)
Riza Mubarak (Navy Sports Club)
Achala Perera (Navy Sports Club)
Dulaj Perera (Havelock Sports Club)
Lavanga Perera (Kandy Sports Club)
Dushmantha Priyadarshana (Havelock Sports Club)
Kanchana Ramanayaka (Colombo Rugby & Cricket Club)
Danushka Ranjan (Havelock Sports Club)
Nigel Ratwatte (Kandy Sports Club)
Henry Terence (Navy Sports Club)
Buwanaka Udangamuwa (Kandy Sports Club)
Roshan Weeraratne (Kandy Sports Club)
Dulanjala Wijesinghe (Army Sports Club)
Sean Wijesinghe

Kazakhstan v Singapore (Playoff 3rd-4th)


The stakes are high as the losing team will be relegated to ARC Division 2. It will be a case of the strength of the Kazakh forward pack verses the fleet footed Singapore backs. It’ll be close.

Previous Encounters
09.05.2009 Kazakhstan 22-19 in Singapore (Asia 5 Nations)
08.06.2006 Kazakhstan 29-0 in Singapore (Asia Tournament, Tier 3)
22.11.2002 Singapore 30-14 in Bangkok (Asia Champ., Div.2, Playoff 3rd-4th)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table: Singapore 5th, Kazakhstan 8th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Kazakhstan 48.91, Singapore 44.54

Prediction: Singapore by 4 points. Score 26-22



Singapore Squad

1 Alvin, Ho Yao Wei (Wanderers RFC) 2 tests
2 Robertson, James (Singapore Cricket Club) 4
3 Leong Rong Xian, Reiner (Oldham RFC) 4
4 Muhammad Hasif Bin Azman (Wanderers RFC) 5
5 Tan Soon Heng, Gaspar (Bedok Kings RFC) 20
6 Lee Chang You (Oldham RFC) Debut
7 Lee Yew Loong, Gabriel (Singapore Cricket Club) 12
8 Julian Albert (XV Gaulois) 4
9 Roberts, Matthew (Wanderers RFC) 5
10 Nick Rose (Wanderers RFC) Debut
11 Mohamed Ashraf Nasser (Saint Andrews RFC) 7
12 Alexander Richard (Bucks RFC) Debut
13 Etheredge, Simon (Singapore Cricket Club) 3
14 Mc Feely, Peter (Singapore Cricket Club) 9
15 Mohammad Suhaimi Bin Amran (Singapore Cricket Club) 11
16 Kay Teck Yuan, Jonathan (Singapore Cricket Club) 1
17 Marah Muhammad Fahmy (Oldham RFC) 2
18 Mohammad Saifuludin Khalid (Wanderers RFC) 1
19 Edward Carne (Dorking RFC, England) 1
20 Graham Stewart (Wanderers RFC) Debut
21 Thomas Child (Wanderers RFC) Debut
22 Groen, Nicholas (Bedok Kings RFC) 10
23 Samuel, Lau Biyong (Bedok Kings) 3
24 Tiah Nan Hong (Wanderers RFC) Debut
25 Mickael Benkimoun (XV Gaulois) Debut
Adapted from ... u2015.html


Kazakhstan squad not available











Kazakhstan v Singapore in Manila (ARC Div.1, Playoff 3rd-4th)