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RUGBY TEST: Hong Kong in the Middle East

Hong Kong v Arabian Gulf in Bahrain (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)

Venue: Bahrain RFU Club


Both teams showed some impressive form last weekend. Both teams need to win this crucial encounter for different reasons.

Last Weekend in Almaty, The Arabian Gulf held the strong Kazakhstan team until the dying stages of the match. The locals ran away with two quick tries in the last minutes of the game. It was a disappointing experience for the Arabian Gulf team. They must win at home on Friday to have any hope of competiting for the second Asian World Cup position.

Hong Kong must win this match away if it is to have a chance for that second spot. A good win last weekend will be all for naught if they don't win against the least favoured team in this competition. “We must come back with nothing less than a win. The Arabian Gulf will be strong and well organized and will be extremely motivated for their first home match of the HSBC Asian 5 Nations. We have to improve on our Korea performance to ensure a win in Bahrain", said Hong Kong coach Dai Rees. First choice prop Nigel Hobler is the only injury from the game v Korea with Alex Baddely being brought to the bench. No.8 Simon Leung will captain the side again.

2010.04.24 HK v Korea-Simon Leung
Hong Kong Simon Leung was inspirational against Korea. Image thanks to

Previous Encounters
26.04.2008 Hong Kong 20-12 in Al Ain (Asia5Nations)
09.05.2004 Hong Kong 12-5 in Hong Kong (Asia Tournament)
20.04.2002 Arabian Gulf 17-7 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R1, Pool B)
26.01.2001 Arabian Gulf 55-22 in Dubai (Friendly)
18.06.2000 Hong Kong 21-20 in Hong Kong (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table-Hong Kong 26th, Arabian Gulf 28th
Asia Table-Hong Kong 3rd, Arabian Gulf 5th

Prediction: Hong Kong by 14 points



Hong Kong
15. Alex McQueen
14. Salom Yiu Kam Shing
13. Rowan Varty
12. Simon Hempel (vice captain)
11. Tom McQueen
10. Keith Robertson
9. Tim Alexander
8. Simon Leung Ho Yam (captain)
7. Mark Wright
6. Nick Hewson
5. Charles French
4. Nigel Clarke
3. Jack Bennett
2. Jon Abel
1. Peter Spizziri
16. Alex Ng Wai Shing
17. Alex Baddeley
18. Renaud Chavanis
19. Kwok Ka Chun
20. So Hok Ken
21. James Kibble
22. Tsang Hing Hung
Head Coach: Dai Rees


Arabian Gulf:
15. James Love
14. Ross Stapleton
13. Trent Eastgate
12. Taif DeLamie
11. Joshua Sherrin
10. Duncan Murray
9. Jonathon MacDonald
8. David Clark
7. Byron Kraemer
6. Edward LePine – Williams
5. Jason Voyce
4. Michael Cox-Hill (captain)
3. Nicholas Croker
2. Rory Power
1. Michael Riley
16. Daniel Heal
17. Mark Gathercole
18. Steven Little
19. Karl Sutcliffe
20. Sean Hurley
21. Paul Beard
22. Nicholas DiMarco
Head Coach: Bruce Birtwistle

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hong Kong v Arabian Gulf in Bahrain (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)

Japan v Korea in Gyeongsung (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
Sweden v Croatia in Enkoping (ENC 2B)
Hungary v Norway in Esztergom (ENC 3B)
Luxembourg v Israel in Luxembourg (ENC 3C)

Cayman Islands v Bermuda in Grand Cayman (Friendly)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 24 April

Moldova 28, Ukraine 19 in Anenii-Noi (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
Belgium 29, Poland 8 in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
Hong Kong 32, Korea 8 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
Kazakhstan 40, Arabian Gulf 28 in Almaty (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)
Croatia 16, Netherlands 14 in Split (ENC 2B)
Malta 27, Latvia 10 in Paola (ENC 2B)
Lithuania 77, Serbia 5 in Pancevo (ENC 3A)
Denmark 24, Austria 13 in Odense (ENC 3B)
Bulgaria 18, Greece 15 in Pernik (ENC 3C)-Updated 26.04.2010

Well now! Talk about upsets. The form book was thrown out as favoured teams were toppled on Saturday.

Moldova started it all by defeating Ukraine in front of their home crowd. With the Division 2A trophy already in their hands (they were actually awarded the title officially after the game) the Ukraine were promptly defeated.

In a close game in Split the home team were leading 16-9 towards the end before the Netherlands scored to give them the necessary points and promotion. So far the results suggest some very even divisions. Perhaps it's time to rethink how the ENC is being run. An article on this coming up soon.

Belgium were too good at home for Poland. The Moldova-Poland match is now crucial to decide promotion-relegation.

Lithuania walked all over Serbia away and so achieved its 18th successive test match victory and a new world record. They next challenge the Ukraine in the next stage of Rugby World Cup qualifying. I think the Ukrainians must be a little concerned.

Malta defeated Latvia at home whilst Denmark were too strong for Austria at home. The Greece-Bulgaria result is not yet known.

And another upset. Hong Kong easily defeated Korea 32-8 at home in a Major upset. After a good tussle Kazakhstan finally overcame The Arabian Gulf by 40-28. Apart from Japan, Asia5Nations look interestingly even so far. The battle for 2nd place and a chance for a 2011 Rugby World Cup finals place is on!

All results thanks to the guys at

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ukraine v Moldova in Anenii–Noi

Venue: Stadionul Raional

Referee: Carp (France)

The result of this match has little bearing on outcomes. ENC 2A for 2010-12 will have an extra team which will mean no team will be relgated. What will be interesting is to see if Ukraine can carry some good form leading up to its World Cup playoffs against Lithuania.

Previous Encounters
09.05.2009 Ukraine 32-0 in Kiev (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 2A)
03.05.2008 Ukraine 14-9 in Chisinau (ENC 2A)
05.05.2007 Moldova 17-16 in Kiev (ENC 2A)
1996 Ukraine 38-0 in Kiev (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Ukraine 14th, Moldova 15th

Prediction: Ukraine by 10 points.



Moldova Squad
Dumitru Arhip (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia) 12.11.1988, Age 21
Victor Arhip (Farul Constanţa, Romania) 24.02.1990, Age 19
*Anton Bajutin (Krasniy Yar-Krasnoyarsk, Russia) 17.04.1985, Age 24
Andrian Baltag (Farul Constanţa, Romania) 30.01.1987, Age 23
*Vasile Bolea (RC Kredo 63, Ukraine) 27.10.1982, Age 27
Alexandru Bulgac (Farul Constanţa, Romania) 14.06.1987, Age 22
Ion Buşila (USEFS Blumarine) 02.04.1986, Age 23
Nicolae Caburgan (USEFS Blumarine) 08.12.1984, Age 25
Sergiu Castraveţ (RC Lokomotiv “Spartak’’ Russia) 29.12.1987, Age 22
Nicolae Chirilă (Imperia Penza, Russia) 30.07.1980, Age 29
Maxim Cobîlaş (VVA-Podmoskovje, Russia) 12.06.1986, Age 23
Vadim Cobîlaş (VVA-Podmoskovje, Russia) 30.07.1983, Age 26
*Vitalie Coropcean (UTM Chişinău) 31.10.1982, Age 28
Alexei Cotruţă (VVA-Podmoskovje, Russia) 27.08.1979, Age 31
Maxim Gargalîc (Farul Constanţa, Romania) 07.03.1989, Age 21
*Vitalii Gira (UTM Chişinău) 18.06.1984, Age 25
*Alexandru Colţ (Krasniy Yar-Krasnoyarsk, Russia) 22.06.1985, Age 24
*Vasile Leu (UTM Chişinău) 22.12.1982, Age 27
Veaceslav Lozinschi (USEFS Blumarine) 25.06.1988, Age 21
Alexandru Matveev (USEFS Blumarine) 05.03.1989, Age 20
*Octavian Manoli (UTM Chişinău) 07.02.1983, Age 26
Oleg Perpeliţă (RC Lokomotiv “Spartak’’ Russia) 18.06.1983, Age 26
Andrei Romanov (VVA-Podmoskovje, Russia) 10.12.1985, Age 24
*Pavel Titarenco (Olimp Electromaş Tiraspol) 21.04.1985, Age 24
Veaceslav Titica (Krasny Yar, Russia) 14.02.1983, Age 27
Eduard Toderică (Olimp Electromaş Tiraspol) 13.09.1988, Age 22
Dumitru Vasilachi (RC Kredo 63, Ukraine) 24.06.1979, Age 30
Gheorghe Volosciuc (USEFS Blumarine) 23.04.1984, Age 25

Head Coach: Vasile Ravenco

*New to squad for this match

Not included from squad that didn’t play Poland
Vitalie Baleca (USEFS Blumarine)
Alexandru Baltag (USEFS Blumarine)
Alexandru Breazu (R.C. Ciorescu)
Ghenadi Evteev (Olimp Electromaş Tiraspol)
Alexandru Gagauz (Olimp Electromaş Tiraspol)
Mihai Gheorghieş (UTM Chişinău)
Ştefan Leca (USEFS Blumarine)
Alexandru Sîscan (UTM Chişinău)


Ukraine Squad (To be Reduced)
Віта Dotsenko (RC Aviator)
Sergei Garkavy (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vasil Hlushchenko (RC Epokha-Polytechnic)
Nikolai Kirsanov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Kosarev (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Vyacheslav Krasylnyk (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Maksym Kravchenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Lytvynenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Denis Masjukov (RC Kredo 63)
Pavlo Masyukov (RCKredo-63)
Andrei Melnikov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Dmytro Mokretsov (RK Sokol)
Serge Monastir (RC Kredo 63)
Oleksandr Myshynev (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Dmytro Mukhin (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Polyansky (RC Kredo 63)
Vyacheslav Ponomarkenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Ruslan Radchuk (RC Kredo 63)
Serhiy Sukhykh (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleksandr Tsapenko (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Maksym Tyurikov (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Oleg Vasyuchenko (RC Aviator)
Eduard Vertiletsky (RC Kredo 63)
Grabovsky Vladislav (RK Sokol)
Sergei Yanchiy (RC Olymp-RSC KhTZ)
Zapolsky (RK Sokol)
2 players missing

HeadCoach: Valeri Kochanov


Poland v Belgium in Brussels (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)

Venue: King Baudouin Stadium

Referee: Villegas (Spain)

CZECH REPUBLIC8314136142-615

The winner of this division will face Lithuania next month in the first of the playoffs to find the third European team at the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals.

Poland will play its first game following the death of their President two weeks ago. On that occasion, the match v Moldova was called off as a mark of respect. The Polish rugby coaches brother was also killed in the plane crash. It may be a difficult ask but the team will need to put that behind them and win this game.

The Poles are near the bottom of the table and must win today against Belgium and then against Moldova to ensure they remain in Division 2A.

Belgium has been up and down in this competition which explains why it holds middle position on the table. They began with a roar, defeating favourites Ukraine 9-8 in the first match. Then they slid dangerously close to the relegation zone. This year they have improved. However a loss to Ukraine in the return match ended their chances of taking the vital top spot.

Previous Encounters
30.05.2009 Poland 14-3 in Gdansk (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 2A)
16.10.1999 Poland 43-14 in Brussels (FIRA C)
28.03.1998 Poland 30-10 in Gdansk (WCQ Europe Pool 2; Rnd B)
28.10.1995 Poland 30-10 in Lodz (FIRA A2)
15.10.1994 Poland 50-13 in Siedlce (FIRA A1)

Poland first played Poland back in 1959. The Poles winning 6-0 in Katowice.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Poland 16th, Belgium 17th

Prediction: Poland by 5 points.



Thibaut André (Soignies)
Neil Andrew (Tournefeuille)
Aurélien Batardy (Soignies)
Julien Berger (La Rochelle, France)
Bertrand Billi (Soignies)
Christophe Debaty (Limoges, France)
Mika Demolder (Boitsfort)
Thomas Dienst (Lille, France)
Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
Charlie Fourneau (Lille, France)
Denis Franquin (Boitsfort)
Damien Godefroy (Lille, France)
Sébastien Guns (Boitsfort)
Dirk Haghedooren (Agde)
Julien Hanchir (Milau, France)
Maxime Jadot (Frameries)
Simon Marote (ASUB)
Julien Massimi (St-Etienne, France)
Jaco McLachlan (Dendermonde)
Nicolas Meeus (Kituro)
Alain Miriallakis (St-Etienne, France)
Romain Orban (Kituro)
Frédéric Rongé (Kituro)
Mathieu Verschelden (ASUB)
Norman Wende (St-Etienne, France)
Alan Williams (Castres, France)

Head Coach: Richard McClintock

Poland Squad
Dawid Banaszek (Villeurbanne, France)
Mateusz Bartoszek (Albi, France)
Kamil Bobryk (Epernay, France)
David Chartier (Bayonne, France)
Karol Denisiuk (Arka Gdynia);
Lukasz Doroszkiewicz (Lechia Gdansk)
Charles Hedesz (Lechia Gdansk)
Krzysztof Hotowski (Nevers, France)
Rafał Janeczko (AZS AWF Warszawa);
Grzegorz Janiec (Lechia Gdansk)
Piotr Karpiński (Budowlani Łódź)
Sławomir Kaszuba (Lechia Gdansk)
Emil Kowalewski (Orkan Sochaczew)
Robert Kwiatkowski (Lechia Gdańsk)
Michael Krużycki (Lyon, France)
Stanislas Krzesińska (Mazamet, France)
Kacper Ławski (Budowlani Łódź);
Yann Lewandowski (Cahors, France)
Wojciech Lukasiewicz (Orkan Sochaczew)
Michał Mirosz (Budowlani Łódź);
Stanisław Niedźwiecki (Budowlani Lublin)
Wojciech Piotrowicz (Budowlani Lublin).
Piotr Piszczek (Lechia Gdańsk)
David Poplawski (Albi, France)
Marek Przychocki (Ogniwo Sopot),
Kazimierz Raszpunda (Portsmouth RFC, England)
Bastien Siepielski (Marmande, France)
Kamil Simionkowski (Arka Gdynia)
Tomasz Stepien (Budowlani Łódź)
Mariusz Wilczuk (Lechia Gdańsk)
Martin Wilczuk (Portsmouth RFC, England)Konrad Jarosz (Juvenia Kraków);

One to be omitted

Head Coach: Thomas Putra

Adapted from ... y_z_belgia

TEST RUGBY: Netherlands Travel to Split

Netherlands v Croatia in Split (ENC 2B)

Venue: RK Nada Split, Stari Plac

Referee: Frasineanu (Romania)


This probably the biggest game for both teams for some time. Croatia are tucked in close behind Division leaders the Netherlands, they have a match in hand and now play the leaders in front of a home crowd. Croatia has flown in a number of overseas heavyweights for this important rugby test. Included is Waitemata RFC, Auckland veteran Ivan Nola.

For the Netherlands, undefeated in this division, a win today will take them back to ENC 2A, from which they were relegated last season. This is a huge game for both teams.

Previous Encounters
01.11.2008 Netherlands 18-12 in Amsterdam (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)
01.11.1998 Netherlands 29-7 in Amsterdam (Friendly)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Netherlands 19th, Croatia 20th

Prediction: Netherlands by 5 points



Croatia Squad
Marin Antunović (RK Makarska Riviera)
Carl Banks (North Shore RFC, NZ)
Ante Blažević Bandov (RK Nada)
Tony Begovich (North Shore RFC, NZ)
Mate Borozan (RK Nada)
Nick Brajkovich (North Shore RFC, NZ)
Tomislav Burazin (RK Nada)
Tonči Buzov (RK Nada)
Goran Čulić (RK Nada)
Dominik Draženović (RK Mladost)
Tvrtko Dumančić (RK Mladost)
Duje Grubišić (RK Nada)
Nik Jurišić (RK Mladost)
Špiro Matić (RK Nada)
Andrej Mihalj (RK Mladost)
Filip Mijić (RK Zagreb)
Milan Milanović (RK Nada)
Ivan Nola (Waitemata RFC, NZ)
Ante Olujić (RK Nada)
Alek Osmanović (RK Makarska Riviera)
Ivan Rešetar (RK Nada)
Ivica Rubelj (RK Nada)
Ivica Šimić (RK Makarska Riviera)
Saša Sljepčević (RK Nada)
Ivan Šuta (RK Mladost)
Marin Tvrdić (RK Nada)
Filip Ujaković (RK Mladost)
Michael Zovko (Souths RFC, Australia)
Head Coach: Jakša Lovreta


Netherlands Squad not yet available

RUGBY TEST: Latvians in Malta

Latvia v Malta in Paola (ENC 2B)

Venue: Hibernians Stadium

Referee: Mauro Dordola (Italy)

Image thanks to



This is the lesser important game of the two ENC 2B matches this weekend. Latvia upset a depleted Swedish side last Saturday and must win to have a chance of avoiding relegation to ENC 3A for 2010-12.

Malta's rugby team has had an interesting and exhausting week. Firstly the team had to bus from England to the Netherlands for last weekends game. They lost 0-19 to the Netherlands but held the upper hand for most of the second half. The team has then had to find its way back to Malta for this game which again has meant a number of long bus trips. Situated in the middle of the table they can neither win the competition nor are they in danger of relegation. It would appear the Latvians have more to play for and should be a difficult team to defeat.

More previews at

Previous Encounters
18.04.2009 Malta 32-19 in Riga (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)
17.11.2007 Malta 16-13 in Marsa (ENC 2B)
28.10.2006 Latvia 27-16 in Riga (ENC 2B)
24.04.2004 Malta 10-8 in Riga (ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Malta 21st, Latvia 22nd

Prediction: Malta by 10 points

Both team list were unavailable at posting time.

TEST MATCH RUGBY: Lithuanians Have An Eye On Record

Lithuania v Serbia in Pancevo (ENC 3A)

Venue: Sports Center "Mladost"

Referee: Zeszustek (Poland)

The world record for the most consecutive test match wins is seventeen held jointly by South Africa and New Zealand. If Lithuania wins this game they will hold the new record. This amazing run began in October 2006 with a 37-15 win against Norway. Since then their victories has included a 6-3 upset win over the Netherlands in June last year in a World Cup qualifying game. Lithuania still has a chance of reaching the 2011 Rugby World Cup finals although the strength of the teams will be a lot stronger that what they have so far encounted. But that is all in the furure. Being the favourites against Serbia, the World record looks theirs.

Lithuania played two warm up unofficial tests against Latvia for the Baltic Cup. Lithuania won both 3 April 51-12 in Klaipedia, and 10 April 41-3. Lithuania's game against Switzerland had to be postponed due to volcanic ash preventing flights in Europe.

Serbia rests in the middle of the points table. They cannot win this division and they are not in any threat of relegation. What they will be trying to do is to gain a valuable win against one of Europe's up and coming teams.

Previous Encounter
02.05.2009 Lithuania 50-9 in Vilnius (WCQ Europe R2; ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Lithuania 18th, Serbia 26th

Prediction: Lithuania by 20 points



Serbia Squad
Dalibor Antić (Kruševac)
Arsić (KBRK Belgrade)
Uroš Babić (RK Pobednik Belgrade)
Bajić (RK Dinamo)
Bogdanović (Kruševac)
V. Dejanović (RK Partizan)
Doroški (RK Partizan)
Vladimir Đukić (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miloš Joksimović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Jovanovski (RK Partizan)
Boris Martić (KBRK Belgrade)
Medić (RK Partizan)
Milos Milanko (RK Žarkovo)
Milan Orlović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Aleksandar Petrović (RC Partizan Belgrade)
Branimir Petrović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Ivan Rodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Nemanja Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Nikola Simonović (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
G. Vuković (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Miladi Zivanov (RC Pobednik Belgrade)
Zogović (RK Kruševac)

Head Coach: Žagar Kristijan

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Lithuania Squad
Marius Andrijauskas (Peterborough RFUC, England)
Tomas Astrauskas (RK Šiauliai)
Rokas Daknys (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Ignas Darkintis (Enköpings RK, Sweden)
Mindaugas Grigas (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Vilius Kucinas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Ignas Liukinevičius (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Liutkus (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Marcišauskas (Peterborough RFUC, England)
Kęstutis Marcišauskas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Andrius Martinskas (Enköpings RK, Sweden)
Mindaugas Misevičius (C) (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Darius Nosys (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Egidijus Petronis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Audrius Ramančionis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Evaldas Štitilis (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Gediminas Švoba (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Laurynas Tipelis (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Justas Vasliauskas (Vairas, Šiauliai)
Tomas Zibolis (BaltRex, Šiauliai)
Edvardas Zilius (Vairas, Šiauliai)

Head Coach:

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INTERNATIONAL RUGBY: Austrians Battle to Avoid Relegation

Austria v Denmark in Odense (ENC 3B)

Venue: Odense Atletikstadion

Referee: Craenen (Sweden)



Austria's fate could be in this game. They need to win their next two games to have any chance of avoiding relegation to ENC 3C for 2010-12.

Denmark won the first round encounter 27-6 away. They are also in with a chance of winning this pool as four teams are only within two points of each other. There other game is against Slovenia away. Injuries may play an important part in Denmark's chances. Regular Fly half Michaelson is injured.

Previous Encounters
24.04.2009 Denmark 27-9 in Linz (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3B)
08.04.2006 Denmark 16-5 in Frederika (ENC 3A)
09.04.2005 Denmark 16-3 in Frederika (WCQ Europe R2, Pool B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Denmark 29th, Austria 32nd.

Prediction: Denmark by 21 points



15 Bradley Diamandis (RK Speed) 2 tests
14 Rasmus Mortensen (Aarhus RK) 13
13 Andy Nielsen (Aalborg RK) 14
12 Jesper G. Jensen (Lindø RSC) 20
11 Peter Madsen (CSR/Nanok) 7
10 Dominick Wilson (Barnes RFC, England) 20
9 Alfi Escobarte (CSR/Nanok RK) New Cap
8 Nathanael Smalley (Aarhus RK) 10
7 Johannes Soussan (CSR/Nanok) 13
6 Kristian Riberholdt (Holstebro RK) 6
5 Jonas Haaning (Frederiksberg RK) 31
4 Nicolas Eerholm (Lindø RSC) 1
3 Søren Brobyskov (RC Odense) 34
2 Kasper Vad Pedersen (Aarhus RK) 24
1 Niels B Jensen (CSR/Nanok) 7
16 Niels Gotfredsen (Aarhus RK) 5
17 Matias Dinesen (Frederiksberg RK) 3
18 Stephen Leitch (Aarhus RK) 2
19 Emad Libis (CSR/Nanok) New Cap
20 Kenneth Steel (RC Odense) 11
21 TBC
22 Gerard Hounou (RK Speed) 1

Head Coach: Christopher Adby

Not available injured after selection
Sylvester Michaelsen (Aalborg RK)

Adapted from

Austria played a warm-up match last Saturday against RC Bezigrad of Slovenia which they won 45 - 7.

If flight plans fail the Austrian team will bus to Denmark


Austria Squad
Max Müller (RC Stade Viennois)
Milad Farkhondeh-Fal (RC Stade Viennois)
Wilfried Payer (RC Bad Reichenhall, GER)
Sebastian Borer (RC Donau)
Alberto Gomez Nowak (RC Stade Viennois)
Andreas Gaul (RC Donau)
Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau)
Clemens Kaindl (RC Stade Viennois)
Alexander Krauchenberg (RC Donau)
Sebastian Freydell (RC Donau)
Ferdinand Richter (Vallee du Girou, FRA)
Amir Yassari (RC Stade Viennois)

Matthias Dachler (RC Donau)
Musheg Aslanyan (Vienna Celtic RFC)
Yvan Wever (RC Donau)
Michael Kerschbaumer (RC Donau)
Rudi Glock (RC Donau)
Alexis Rigaud (RC Stade Viennois)
Martin Leidl (RC Wombats Wr. Neustadt)
Georg Kaiser (RC Stade Viennois)
Max Navas (RC Donau)
Nicolas Bignotti (AC BB, FRA)
Head Coach: Gael Mouysset
from ... e099c2.php

ASIA 5 NATIONS: Korea Travels to Hong Kong

Korea v Hong Kong in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)



Korea has proved too strong for Hong Kong in recent encounters. They have a young squad, a rebuilding time for the Koreans.

If Hong Kong is going to place itself within striking distance of Japan and Kazakhstan for the vital 2nd place in this competition they must defeat Korea today.

Previous Encounters
09.05.2009 Korea 36-34 in Seoul (Asia5Nations)
24.05.2008 Korea 50-24 in Hong Kong (Asia5Nations)
27.05.2007 Hong Kong 27-20 in Hong Kong (Asia Nations Div.1)
21.11.2006 Korea 23-5 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia R5; 20th Asia Champ.;Div.1)
22.05.2005 Korea 51-3 in Hong Kong (WCQ Asia Qualification, Div.1)

Korea first played Hong Kong back in 1972, in the 3rd Asia Championship. Hong Kong won 18-6

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Korea 3rd, Hong Kong 4th

Prediction: Hong Kong by 3 points


Korea Squad
An, Seak Yung 4/24/1988, Age 22, 178cm 78kg
Bae, Chang Whan 12/08/1986, Age 23, 183cm 95kg
Choi, Si Won 04/05/1986, Age 24, 185cm 85kg
Han, Kun Kyu 01/22/1987, Age 23, 186cm 105kg
Im, Jeong Min 11/21/1988, Age 21, 191cm 100kg
Jeon, Chi Do 05/30/1987, Age 22, 183cm 91kg
Jeong, Gyeong Won 10/10/1986, Age 23, 180cm 115kg
Kim, Hobum 12/10/1990, Age 19 198cm 115kg
Kim, Jeong Min 03/15/1983, Age 27, 180cm 90kg
Kim, Jong Wook 11/20/1983, Age 26, 174cm 100kg
Kim, Sung Whan 07/15/1986, Age 23, 182cm 105kg
Kim, Won Yong 01/05/1986, Age 24, 174cm 80kg
Kwon, Oh Yong 04/28/1989, Age 21, 193cm 100kg
Lee, Kwang Moon 08/04/1983, Age 27, 188cm 100kg
Noh, Byung Kwan 02/22/1985, Age 25, 178cm 85kg
Oh, Sinam 02/28/1988, Age 22, 180cm 95kg
Oh, Youn Hyung 10/29/1984, Age 25, 178cm 81kg
Park, Jong Yeul 03/05/1991, Age 18, 182cm 128kg
Park, Wan Yong 06/02/1984, Age 25, 170cm 77kg
Yang, Young Hoon 12/06/1980, Age 29, 175cm 79kg
Yoo, Chul Kyu 13/04/1982, Age 28 175cm 80kg
You, Young Nam 10/13/1983, Age 26, 191cm 192kg
Youn, Kwon Woo 01/23/1985, Age 25, 185cm 110kg
Head Coach: Kim, Myung Joo
Assistant Coach: Han, Young Hoon

Thanks to Yun, Ja young, Korea Rugby Union

Hong Kong

15 Simon Hempel (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
14 Colin Bisley (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
13 Leung, Ho Yan (Simon), Capt (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
12 Alexander McQueen (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
11 Nigel Clarke (DeA Rugby Club)
10 Timothy Alexander (Valley Rugby Club
9 Keith Robertson (DeA Rugby Club)
8 Yiu Kam Shing, Salom (Valley Rugby Club
7 Mark Wright (Hong Kong Football Club)
6 Nick Hewson (Valley Rugby Club
5 Nigel Hobler (Hong Kong Football Club)
4 Charles French (Hong Kong Football Club)
3 Jon Abel (DeA Rugby Club)
2 Rowan Varty (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
1 Peter Spizziri (Hong Kong Football Club)
16 Renaud Chavanis (Valley Rugby Club
17 Ng, Wai Shing, (Valley Rugby Club
18 Kwok, Ka Chun (Kowloon Rugby Football Club)
19 Jack Bennett (Valley Rugby Club
20 So, Hok Ken (Kowloon Rugby Football Club)
21 Thomas McQueen (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
22 James Kibble ( Hong Kong Football Club)

Head Coach: Dai Rees

ASIA 5 NATIONS RUGBY: Arabian Gulf with Tough Task

Arabian Gulf v Kazakhstan in Almaty (WCQ Asia R2; Asia5Nations)

Venue: Students Stadium


The Arabian Gulf look to be taking only nineteen players to Kazakhstan. The Gulf play their first match after a year back in Division 1. I would expect Kazakhstan to bee too strong for the visitors

Previous Encounters
24.05.2008 Kazakhstan 56-27 in Taldykorgan (Asia5Nations)
11.05.2007 Kazakhstan 49-9 in Doha (Asia Nations Div.2)
30.10.2004 Kazakhstan 19-9 in Hong Kong (19th Asia Championship, Pool B, Playoff)
09.04.2004 Arabian Gulf 14-13 in Doha (Friendly)
26.04.2001 Arabian Gulf 66-22 in Bahrain (Asia Bowl)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Kazakhstan 2nd, Arabian Gulf 5th

Prediction: Kazakhstan by 25 points.



Kazakhstan Squad

Full back
Maxim Lifontov (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk) 30.12.1986, Age 23

Sergey Konev (CSKA Almaty) 06.10.1987, Age 22
Yevgeniy Romanov (CSKA Almaty) 12.05.1987, Age 22

Ildar Abdrazakov (Almaty RFC) 11.09.1987, Age 22
Denis Cherkashin (Almaty RFC) 06.01.1979, Age 31
Alexandr Zakharov (Almaty RFC) 17.09.1986, Age 23

Daulet Akymbekov (CSKA Almaty) 06.04.1988, Age 22
Sergey Harlov (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk) 26.08.1983, Age 26

Akhmetzhan Baratov (Almaty RFC) 15.12.1985, Age 24
Oleg Gusel’nikov (Almaty RFC) 25.04.1989, Age 21

No. 8
Timur Mashurov, Capt.), (Almaty RFC) 19.04.1981, Age 29

Ilya Poplavskiy(Almaty RFC) 01.01.1985, Age 25
Anton Rudoy (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk) 21.02.1983, Age 27
Yevgeniy Shekurov (Almaty RFC) 28.11.1978, Age 31
Roman Sorokodzyuba (Almaty RFC) 19.12.1988, Age 21
Serik Zhanseitov (CSKA Almaty) 08.07.1981, Age 28

Grigoriy Ivanchenko (Almaty RFC) 24.03.1985, Age 25

Azat Abishev (Almaty RFC) 19.11.1981, Age 28
Evgeniy Antonov (Almaty RFC) 03.05.1974, Age 35
Mikhail Bzhitskih (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk) 29.12.1986, Age 22
Vladimir Chernykh (Almaty RFC) 12.08.1973, Age 36

Sergey Menshikov (Almaty RFC) 07.12.1990, Age 19

Head Coach: Valeriy Popov

Special thanks to Aida Tobykbayeva, National Team Manager, Kazakhstan Rugby Union


Arabian Gulf
15 James Love (Hartpury College, England)
14 Ross Stapleton (Bahrain RFC)
13 Trent Eastgate (Dubai Dragons)
12 Taif Al Delamie (Lansdowne FC, Ireland)
11 Sean Hurley (Dubai Dragons)
10 Duncan Murray (Dubai Hurricanes)
9 John MacDonald (Cardiff University, Wales)
8 David Clark (Dubai Exiles)
7 Edward LePine-Williams (Dubai Dragons)
6 Karl Sutcliffe (Bahrain RFC)
5 Steven Little (Dubai Dragons)
4 Michael Cox Hill, Capt.) (Dubai Exiles)
3 Mark Gathercole (Dubai Exiles)
2 Daniel Heal (Dubai Dragons)
1 Michael Riley (Dubai Exiles)
16 Rory Power (Bahrain RFC)
17 Nicholas Croker (Doha RFC)
18 Lindsay Fitzgerald (Doha RFC)
19 Jason Voyce (Muscat RFC)
Head Coach: Bruce Birtwistle

RUGBY TEST: Balkan Neighbours Clash

Greece v Bulgaria in Pernik (ENC 3C)


Referee: Grumbinas (Lithuania)

Both these teams suffered defeat at the hands of Israel who will win this division and move to ENC 3B for 2010-12. Neither team is in any danger of relegation so it will all be a question of national pride, something that won't be missing in this clash of the Balkan neighbours.

Previous Encounter
11.04.2009 Greece 41-18 in Alexandroupoli (WCQ Europe R1; EMC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Greece 34th, Bulgaria 35th

Prediction: Greece by 7 points



Bulgaria Squad
Svetoslav Odadzhiyski (RC National S.A.) born 1984, age 25

Svetoslav Blagoev (Lokomotiv RC) born1986, age 24
Hristian Ivanov (Lokomotiv RC) born1986, age 24
Petar Nikolov (RC National Sports Academy) born 1990, age 19
Ivaylo Ivanov (RC National Sports Academy) born1987, age 22
Lyudmil Zlatkov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born1988, age 21

Fly half
Vasil Borisov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1990, age 19
Radoslav Damyanov (Varna RC) born 1985, age 24

Scrum half
Georgi Sotirov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1972, age 37
Martin Stoyanov (Varna RC) born 1989, age 20

Antonio Ivanov (Varna RC) born1969, age 40

Krasimir Angelov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1982, age 29
Asen Asenov (RC National Sports Academy) born 1978, age 31
Martin Todorov (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born1988, age 21

Brice Benelli (Lokomotiv RC) born 1985, age 24
Yavor Dragnev (Varna RC) born 1977, age 32

Front Row
Danail Andreev (RC National Sports Academy) born 1983, age 26
Momchil Kamburov(RC National Sports Academy) born 1976, age 34
Roman Para (RC National Sports Academy) born 1982, age 27
Tihomir Simeonov (Lokomotiv RC) born 1974, age 35

Simeon Georgiev (Valyatsite RC, Pernik) born 1985, age 24
Vladislav Parizov (Lokomotiv RC) born 1980, age 29

Head Coach: Lyudmil Stankov

Changes from squad v Greece
Momchil Kamburov in for Plamen Iliev
Svetoslav Blagoev in for Daniel Simeonov (Scrum half)
Hristian Ivanov in for Daniel Simeonov (Centre)


Greece Squad details not yet available

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 17 April

Latvia 31, Sweden 27 in Riga (ENC 2B)
Netherlands 19. Malta 0 in Amsterdam (ENC 2B)
Sri Lanka 23, Singapore 16 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1, Final)
Malaysia 35, China Taipei 8 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1, 3rd/4th/Relegation)
Switzerland v Lithuania in Switzerland (ENC 3A)-postponed
Israel 39, Greece 0 in Netanya (ENC 3C)

Latvia edged out a weakened Swedish side in Riga to throw relegation prospects wide open in ENC 2B. Five top Swedish players could not get flights from England to Riga. Swedish RU officials were forced to ferry in extra players from Sweden-based clubs.The Netherlands were too good for a determined but tired Maltese side who had travelled by bus from England to Amsterdam, again the travel arrangements disrupted by the cloud of volcanic ash over Europe.


The Croatia-Netherlands game next weekend will be crucial to the outcome of ENC 2B. Croatia, having lost 12-18 to Netherlands in the first round will need to win by 7 points or more, and then defeat Sweden in Sweden to take the title and move to ENC 2A for 2010-12. The Netherlands just have the one game next weekend and must win to take the title.

Sweden has now lost their last three games in a row. Both Sweden and Latvia have a game to play. Latvia's is against Malta. If both Latvia and Sweden lose their next game Latvia will be relegated based on Sweden's 21-5 earlier win.

Israel gained promotion to ENC 3B for the 2010-12 competitions with a convincing 19-0 win over Greece.

In Asia, Sri Lanka will be the new team in Asia 5 Nations for 2011. They powered their way with a 23-16 win over the more fancied Singapore team. Malaysia's easy 35-8 win over China Taipei sees the Chinese side relegated to Asia Nations Division 2 for 2011.

Edited 20 April. Israel 39, Greece 0, not 19-0 as was previously posted.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

TEST RUGBY: Sweden Plays Latvia

Sweden v Latvia in Riga (ENC 2B)

Venue: Daugava Stadium

Referee: Petrescu (Romania)

The volcanic ash from Iceland is causing havoc with travel around Europe. Image thanks to

The volcanic ash problem in Europe looks set to affect this game. Already the Switzerland-Lithuania game is off. England-based Swedish players Magnus MacDonald (London Scottish), Andrew Daish (Nuneaton), Sebastian Taylor (Old Haberdashers), Lee Sandberg (North Walsham) and Alex Taylor (Captain), (Nuneaton) will almost certainly miss the game. They are unable to fly out from London forcing Swedish rugby officials to call upon local players to be replacements. Who those players are is not yet known.

2010.04.17 Latvia v Sweden poster
Latvia v Sweden match poster. Image thanks to


The Swedish player situation changes the whole nature of this important game. Both Latvia and Sweden are in the relegation zone for this division. Sweden has dropped its last two games by only very narrow margins (16-19 to Netherlands and then 23-25 away to Malta-a heartbreaking result!) to find itself in this situation after a promising start. If Latvia wins today then the relegation situation will depend on these two team's last games-Latvia against Malta away and Sweden against Croatia at home. If Sweden wins then it's good-bye to Latvia.

Latvia is in a serious situation. They are without a win, lost heavily in their last game to The Netherlands 3-57, and then lost both warm up games to Lithuania earlier this month. The advantage they have is that this is a home game and Sweden are without at least five leading players. This has levelled out the playing field. Whereas one would have given Sweden the game mid week (they won easily against Latvia 21-5 in the first round at home) now looks a very even contest. Latvia could just sneak in.

2008.10.25 Latvia-Sweden
Last round Latvia struggled against the Swedes. Saturday could be different. Image thanks to

Last Five Encounters
25.10.2008 Sweden 21-5 in Vanesborg (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)
22.10.2005 Latvia 18-5 in Riga (ENC 3A)
23.10.2004 Sweden 20-18 in Valmeria (WCQ Europe R2; Pool C)
06.10.2001 Sweden 37-12 in Stockholm (FIRA/WCQ Europe R2; Pool B)
09.06.2001 Sweden 17-10 in Stockholm (FIRA Pool 2; WCQ Europe R1)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Sweden 22nd, Latvia 23rd

Prediction: Latvia by 5 points



Sweden Squad (Home-based only)
Mattias Thorhard, Hammarby
Matt Youngman, Enkoping
Viktor Petterson, Enkoping
Eirik Lundqvist, Enkoping
Hannes Ericsson, Hammarby
Tim Johansson, Enkoping
Bobby Nave, Enkoping
Paul Sullivan, Stockholm Exiles
Tobias Borg, Enkoping
Ian Gowland, Stockholm Exiles
Rikard Johansson, Hammarby
Rikard Ornberg, Vanersborg
Eric Trogen, Enkoping
Ricky Opuko, Enkoping
Jim Wetterstrom, Enkoping
Peter Wiklund, Vanersborg
Thomas Ardvisson, Bordeaux FRA ?-not know whether he is in Riga or not.


Latvia-Team as yet unknown

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Malta Face Netherlands

Malta v Netherlands in Amsterdam (ENC 2B)

Venue: National Stadium

Referee: Gallastegi (Spain)

2010.04.17 Netherlands v Malta
Image thanks to

Disruptions to flight travel in England, caused by the massive volcanic activity in Iceland, meant the Maltese rugby team travelled to the Netherlands by coach. The team travelled from Cirencester RFC, where they have been in training this week, to Calais, and then on to the Netherlands, where they arrived arriving mid night Thursday.

This test match is the second in ENC Division 2B this weekend. As a result the promotion and relegation of teams for the 2010-12 ENC series should be known. Malta is safe enough away from relegation but not close enough to the Netherlands for this result to hold much sway.

The Netherlands defeated Malta 27-9 in their away match. They also walloped Latvia 57-3 earlier in the season and should account for the visitors fairly easily.

Previous Encounter
25.04.2009 Netherlands 27-9 in La Valette (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Netherlands 19th, Malta 21st

Prediction: Netherlands by 24 points



Malcolm Attard
Michael Bonavia
Robert Bonavia
Peter Bradley
Dominic Busuttil (Captain)
Matthew Camilleri-New cap
Clayton Cassarr
Joseph Cutajar
James Finlason
Matthew Garrett
Nathan Gatt
Robert Holloway-New cap
Thomas Holloway-New cap
Josua Howland
Michael McCardle
Matthew Mirabelli
Alistair Livesey-New cap
Thomas Pace More
James O’Brien
Oliver Sacco
Charlie Sammut-New cap
Luke Watts
Michael Whitney
Head Coach: Damien Niell

Thanks to


Netherlands Squad
Jordi Bonhof (LRC DIOK)
Jayjay Boske (RC Hilversum)
Costin Buburuzan (RC The Dukes)
Koen Buseman (Hague RC)
Bas Cornelisse (RC 't Gooi)
Vincent Grimbergen (LRC DIOK)
Tjebbe Jehee (LRC DIOK)
Allard Jonkers (RC 't Gooi)
Jason Knox (RC 't Gooi)
Leon Koenen (LRC DIOK)
Roy Leijen (RC 't Gooi)
Fedde Lingsma (RC Hilversum)
Mer Loose (LRC DIOK)
Rob Holt Rhine (RC Hilversum)
Rik Roovers (RC Etten-Leur)
Roger Scheffer (LRC DIOK)
Tim Schumacher (LRC DIOK)
Maurice Stahlecker (RC Hilversum)
Floris van Pane (RC 't Gooi)
Miquel van der Cruijsen (RC 't Gooi)
Sep Visser (RC Hilversum)
Anton Werth (RC 't Gooi)
Head Coach: Hugues Dispas

RUGBY IN ASIA: Asia Nations Division 1 Final

Sri Lanka v Singapore in Singapore (Asia Nations Division 1; Final)



2010.04.14 Singapore v Malaysia
Singapore won narrowly against Malaysia on Wednesday to reach the final. Image thanks to

The Grand Final in Division 1 sees last years Elite team Singapore against an impressive Sri Lankan team. The winner will play in the Asia 5 Nations in 2011.

Singapore struggled against a Malaysian side mid-week. They will find a well-drilled Sri Lankan side, who won easily against China-Taipei, ready to step up in Asian rugby.

Sri Lanka has welcomed back into its fold some 15 players who were banned for two years in 2007 for supporting a walkout by their replaced captain. All seems to be healed and as a result this is a very strong looking Lankan side.

2010.04.00 Pradeep Liyanage-Captain
Experienced international Pradeep Liyanage will lead this Sri Lankan side. Image thanks to

Last Five Encounters
11.11.2008 Drawn 11-11 in Tainan (Asia Nations Div.1)
25.06.2005 Sri Lanka 34-17 in Colombo (WCQ Asia Qualifying, Div. 3A)
02.07.2000 Singapore 15-12 in Aomori (17th Asia Championship)
31.10.1998 Singapore 25-13 in Singapore (16 Asia Championship, Sect.B, Final)
16.07.1997 Sri Lanka 17-15 in Bangkok (Int. Quadrangular Tournament)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Singapore 6th, Sri Lanka 7th

Prediction: Sri Lanka by 3 points



Sri Lanka Squad
Senaka Bandara, (Kandy Sports Club)
Ashan de Costa (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1987.07.01 Age 22
Zulki Hamid (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1983.03.22 Age 27
Saliya Handapangoda (Army)
Bilal Hassen (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Terrence Henry (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1986.02.26 Age 24
Nuwan Hettiarachchi (Navy
Vishwamithra Jayasinghe (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club)
Kishore Jehan (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1983.02.01 Age 27
Ashen Karthelis (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1985.07.01 Age 24
Saliya Kumara (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1984.05.28 Age 25
Samantha Lakshan (Navy)
Dushanth Lewke (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1983.09.22 Age 26
Pradeep Liyanage, Capt. (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1983.05.14 Age 26
Fazil Marija (Kandy SC) DOB 1985.12.04 Age 25
Ishan Noor (Ceylon Rugby & Football Club) DOB 1989.08.17 Age 20
Rajiv Perera (Havelocks) DOB 1985.09.01 Age 24
Yoshitha Rajapaksa (Navy)
Dinesh Sanjeewa (Colombo Hockey & Ftball Club) DOB 1983.09.21 Age 26
Sajith Saranga (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1990.02.12 Age 20
Dilip Selvam DOB 1981.03.07 Age 29
Eranga Swarnatilleke (Kandy Sports Club).
Roshan Weeraratne (Kandy Sports Club).
Sean Wijesinghe (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1982.03.25 Age 28
Gayan Weeraratne (Kandy Sports Club) DOB 1988.04.13 Age 22

Head Coach: Johan Taylor.

Thanks to and to Yeolette fron Sri Lanka RFU.


Singapore squad (details prior to tournament)
Suhaimi Amran (Singapore Cricket Club) Halfback, Age 21, New cap
Mohd Ashraf (Blacks RFC) No.8, Age 21, New cap
Muhd Asrie (Singapore Cricket Club) Centre, Age 24, New cap
Muhd Azmi (Bedok Kings RFC) Halfback, Age 20, New cap
Joseph Braithwaite (Wanderers RFC) No.8, Age 30, New cap
Thomas Burns (Singapore Cricket Club) Fly half, Age 26, New cap
Alexander Chew (Singapore Cricket Club) Winger, Age 24, 4 tests
Daniel Marc Chow (Singapore Cricket Club) Lock, Age 25, 2 tests
Goh Beng Chuan (Bedok Kings RFC) Wing/Full back, Age 21, 1 test
Ryan Cumbers (Wanderers RFC) Centre, Age 20, 5 tests
Nicholas Dance (Bucks RFC) Prop, Age 37, 6 tests
Marah Fahmy (Police RFC) Centre, Age 21, New cap
John Forrester (Bedok Kings) Fly half, Age 34, 6 tests
Benjamin Goh (Bucks RFC) Hooker, Age 24, 1 test
Matthew Hall (Bucks RFC) Lock, Age 32, New cap
Sidney Kumar (Bedok Kings RFC) Winger, Age 23, New cap
Andrew Lee (Bedok Kings RFC) Halfback, Age 26, 7 tests
Gabriel Lee (Singapore Cricket Club) Flanker, Age 23, 4 tests
Jonathan Lee (Singapore Cricket Club) Flanker, Age 24, 6 tests
Kevin Loo (Singapore Cricket Club) Winger, Age 27, New cap
Nicholas Macksey (Wanderers RFC) Lock, Age 30, New cap
Alexander Muir (Bucks RFC) Prop, Age 30, 4 tests
George Rippon (Wanderers RFC) Prop, Age ? , New Cap
Matthew Roberts (Wanderers RFC) Flanker, Age 31, New cap
Charles Ryan (Bucks RFC) Centre, Age 30, New cap
Vicknesh Sellathurai (Bucks RFC) Lock, Age 23, New cap
Joe Seng (Wanderers RFC) Winger, Age 20, New cap
Norman Sin (Bedok Kings RFC) Prop, Age 26, 6 tests
Gaspar Tan (Bedok Kings RFC) Hooker, age 21, 10 tests
Matthew Taloni (Wanderers RFC) Centre, Age ?, 2 tests
Desmond Wee (Bedok Kings RFC) Wing/Full back, Age 25, 8 tests
Rex Wong (Bedok Kings RFC) Fly half, Age 22, New cap
Muhd Zaki (Singapore Cricket Club) Wing/Full back, Age 23, 4 tests

Special thanks to Gasper Tan, Singapore RFU

TEST RUGBY IN ASIA: Asia Nations Division 1 Relegation Battle

Malaysia v China Taipei in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; Playoff 3rd-4th)

Venue: Yio Chu Kang Stadium


This is a crunch match for both teams. The loser will drop down to Asia Nations Division 2. Malaysia were only just defeated by Singapore on Wednesday whilst China Taipei found the going tough against Sri Lanka. Historically China Taipei has had an advantage over Malaysia but this Malaysian side has a number of Fijian expats in the side which would give them a physical advantage.

Last Five Encounters
21.06.2003 China Taipei 54-0 in Kuala Lumper (Asia Tournament, Pool B)
20.12.1997 China Taipei 51-13 in Tainan (WCQ Asia Round B)
24.10.1994 China Taipei 23-15 in Kuala Lumper (14th Asia Championship)
23.11.1986 China Taipei 48-0 in Bangkok (10th Asia Championship)
12.11.1976 Malaysia 16-13 in Tokyo (5th Asia Championship)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-China Taipei 8th, Malaysia 9th

Prediction: Malaysia by 5 points



Malaysia Squad
Mohd Khuzaidi Bin Abdullah
Mohd Mohsin Bin Abdullah
Mohd Nazri Ahmad
Adnan Bin Awang
Mohd Fitri Bin Azhar
Mohd Khairul Azhar
Ahmad Farhan Bin Azizan
Mohd Farid Syazwan Bin Abu Bakar
Ahmadi British
James Imran Miller Bin Hamidon
Mohd. Amin Jamaluddin
Dineswaran Krishnan
Nik Safuan Ismade Nik Man
Timoci Nakocula
Mohamad Nazeer Bin Mohamed Nesharah
Kini Rasolosolo
Naivaluoni Raturibi
Mohd Syazwan Bin Mohd Salim
Khairul Nizar Bin Samsudin
Mohd Faiz Bin Shamsukidir
Nacani Seniu
Semi Seru
Shahizam Bin Tukiran
Isoa Vuluma Turwa
Head Coach: Dean Herewini

Squad list thanks to Hashimi, Malaysia RFU


China Taipei Squad
Chen, Cheng-Yang DOB 1988.04.04 Age 22
Chen, Hao-Ming DOB 1989.06.11 Age 20
Chen, Kuo-Lun DOB 1990.12.10 Age 20
Cheng, Ya-Lun DOB 1984.12.02 Age 26
Chiang, Chieh-Yu DOB 1987.12.12 Age 23
Chou, Hih-Han DOB 1986.06.16 Age 23
Hsieh, Tung-Ching DOB 1990.04.22 Age 19
Hung, Chi-Hsiang DOB 1978.04.11 Age 32
Hung, Ching-Che DOB 1990.03.05 Age 20
Hung, Pen-Chiao DOB 1987.12.25 Age 22
Ku, Chao-Hung DOB 1984.11.28 Age 25
Liao, Chia-Feng DOB 1984.04.20 Age 25
Lin, Cheng-Hsiung DOB 1985.01.27 Age 25
Lin, Chia-Wei DOB 1987.04.25 Age 22
Lin, Po-Han DOB 1982.08.18 Age 27
Lin, Wen-Cheng DOB 1980.05.19 Age 29
Liu, Ta-Cheng DOB 1990.05.06 Age 19
Lu, Wei-Fan DOB 1988.07.16 Age 21
Shu, Ching-Chiang DOB 1985.02.25 Age 25
Tien, Sheng-Chieh DOB 1984.10.22 Age 25
Tsai, Wang-Hsiang DOB 1990.04.23 Age 19
Wang, Yu-Hsiang DOB 1990.06.06 Age 19
Wu, Chih-Ching DOB 1976.09.04 Age 33
Wu, Tsu-Te DOB 1987.10.13 Age 22

Head Coach: Hung, Zon-Hua

Thanks to China-Taipei RFU


The scheduled rugby test between Switzerland and Lithuania, due to be played in Basel, Switzerland has been postponed due to the Lithuanian team being unable to fly to Switzerland. This was due to the volcanic ash cloud over Europe.

TEST RUGBY: Israel on a High

Greece v Israel in Netanya (ENC 3C)

Venue: Wingate Institute Stadium

Referee: Stefano Traversi (Italy)



Realistically Greece and Israel are the only two teams in contention for promotion to ENC 3B for 2010-12.

Israel will be a hard team to defeat at home. Last week's 50-10 win over Bulgaria showed that this team is capable of winning its way through to promotion to ENC 3B for 2010-12. They are regarding this game as even bigger than the World Cup qualifying clashes last season against Slovenia and Lithuania. 'It's the biggest game in the history of the National team', said vice-captain Stas Gurtovoy. Forward Oren Broadhurst is expected back from injury. This is the only change from last week's squad that defeated Bulgaria.

2010.04.10 Israel v Bulgaria
Israel were too strong for Bulgaria last weekend. Image thanks to

Greek coach, former French test prop Olivier Magne, has brought back South African-based prop Mikele Jorgo to boost the forwards for this important clash.

Fiotakis, Sotiriadis and Pelekanos remain from the very first Greek international rugby team that played an Austrian XV in October 2005.

Previous Encounter
22.11.2008 Israel 25-10 in Kfissia (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Israel 28th, Greece 34th

Prediction: Israel by 24 points



15-Kostas Makrikostas (Athens Rugby)
14-Christos Fiotakis (Nice Cote d'Azur, France)
13-Thomas Mamakopoulos (Massy, France)
12-Romain Huet (Athens Rugby)
11-Krgyris Saliarelis (Spartans)
10-Georgos Tsatsaronis (Athens Rugby)
9-Vassilis Katsakos (Athens Rugby)
8-Pantelis Arfaras (Rhodes Kolossoi )
7-Nikos Mavreas (Athens Rugby)
6-Philip Sotiriadis, Capt. (Athens Rugby)
5-Kostas Karandreas (Athens Rugby)
4-Michalis Pelekanos (Athens Rugby)
3-Stathis Papadopoulos (Iraklis)
2-Dimitris Katsafrakis (Athens Rugby)
1-Mikele Jorgo (Wits University, South Africa)
16-Vangelis Nastas (Athens Rugby)
17- Pantazis Kontakis (Athens Rugby)
18-Nikos Chadtzinikolaou (Rhodes Kolossoi )
19-Dimitris Roussos (Rhodes Kolossoi )
20-Beka Bekaouri (Iraklis)
21-Jineuk Yi (Attica Springboks)
22-Giannis Rizos (Athens Rugby)

Head Coach: Olivier Magne


Nessi Abarbanel (Raanana) born 1987, age 22
Oren Alt (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1971, age 38
Roi Alterlevi (Kibbutz Yizreel) born 1982, age 27
Nathan Amos (Rainey OBRFC, Northern Ireland) born 1978, age 31
Amir Beautler (Kibbutz Yizreel) born 1982, age 27
Oren Brodhurst (Kibbutz Yizreel) born 1984, age 25
Matan Brosh (Barnes RFC, England) born 1981, age 28
Michael Eli (Ashkelon RC) born 1989, age 20
Gilad Goldstein (Raanana) born 1985, age 24
Stav Gurtovoy, V.Capt.(ASATel Aviv) born 1981, age 28
Oz Hayman (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1985, age 24
Amit Kakoun (Kibbutz Yizreel) born 1990, age 19
Nimrod Kaplan, Capt. (London Scottish, England) born 1985, age 24
Omri Lotan (ASA Tel Aviv) born1984, age 25
Julien Maffi (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1982, age 27
Guy Matisis (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1987, age 22
Omer Halfi Mendelson (Raanana) born 1985, age 24
Alon Okon (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1985, age 24
Mordechai Radashkovich (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1984, age 25
Yonatan Radashkovich (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1988, age 21
Adrienne Rainstein (Haifa Technion) born 1989, age 20
Yonatan Shaki (Haifa Technion) born 1983, age 26
Miron Shtiglitz (ASA Tel Aviv) born 1977, age 32
Coach Raanan Penn

Special thanks to Julian Shapiro, Israel RU, and to Matan Brosh.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Latvia v Sweden in Riga (ENC 2B)
Netherlands v Malta in Amsterdam (ENC 2B)
Singapore v Sri Lanka in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; Final)
Malaysia v China Taipei in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; 3rd-4th)
Switzerland v Lithuania in Basel (ENC 3A)
Israel v Greece in Netanya (ENC 3C)

RUGBY TOURNAMENT: Asia Nations Division 1 Result

Sri Lanka 37, China Taipei 7 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; Semi-final 1)
Singapore 22, Malaysia 20 in Singapore (Asia Nations Div.1; Semi-final 1)

'The Singaporeans had a tough outing in the second semi finals against a spirited Malaysian side. They however won the game by a narrow two points margin, winning it 22-20. The Sing’s team is made up of a lot of British expats and similarly the Malaysians were made up of Fijian expats. The final battle for the Lankans will be a tough one considering the fact they possess a lot of heavy forwards. But the Sri Lankan team did a splendid job against a mobile set of forwards of Taipei and more often than not won the ball during the breakdowns'.

Sri Lankan flyhalf Fazil Marja suffered a broken ankle in the game against China Taipei

The final on Saturday will see Sri Lanka face Singapore, whilst China Taipei will play Malaysia in the battle against relegation.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


The Polish rugby community, along with the all Polish peoples around the world were shocked and saddened by the death of the President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, in a plane crash over Russia. The President, along with all 132 people, many from the top level of Polish political and military ranks, died as the plane was about to land in Smolensk, Russia. The plane apparently hit trees whilst negotiating fog. The President, his wife and others were about to attend a memorial service to the thousands of Polish army officers executed in Russia soon after the 1940 Russian invasion of Poland.

Pictures from the National Rugby Stadium in Sochaczew where apparently many people had already gathered for the kick off of the Poland-Moldova international rugby test match

Photos from the stadium, thanks to

110kB 129kB 99kB 99kB

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Picture one shows a ceremonial and memorial kick off as a mark of respect and the official cancelling of the rugby test match.

rugby-international.blogspot and the brother website wish to extend thoughts to the Polish community in Poland and around the world.