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CUP OF NATIONS: Hong Kong v Russia

Hong Kong v Russia in Hong Kong

Venue: Hong Kong Football Club

Results So Far
Russia 23, Portugal 12
Hong Kong 30, Zimbabwe 11

Russia 50, Zimbabwe 5
Hong Kong 13, Portugal 6

RUSSIA 2 2 0 0 73 17 56 0 1 9
HONG KONG 2 2 0 0 43 17 26 0 1 9
PORTUGAL 2 0 0 2 18 36 -18 1 0 1
ZIMBABWE 2 0 0 2 16 80 -64 0 0 0

Russia’s two test tour of Hong Kong last year was the first time these two teams met in a rugby test match. Russia proved too strong on both occasions.

Russia has won both games so far convincingly and remain the favourites. Hong Kong did well to defeat Portugal mid week although the visitors were unlucky in that game.

Hong Kong will need to play at their best to defeat the Bears.

Previous Encounters
15.11.2014 Russia 39-27 in Hong Kong
08.11.2014 Russia 31-10 in Hong Kong

GWC Rugby Rankings
World Table: Russia 20th, Hong Kong 24th

World Rugby Ranking Points
Russia 61.56, Hong Kong 58.19

Prediction: Russia by 5 points. Score 26-21


Hong Kong Squad


Jack Aikman (Hong Kong Scottish)
Moses Bailey (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Adam Butterfield (Hong Kong Football Club)
Charles Cheung Ho Ning (Hong Kong Scottish)
Rohan Cook (Hong Kong Cricket Club)*
James Cunningham (Kowloon RFC)*
Jack Delaforce (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Paul Dwyer (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Daniel Falvey (Hong Kong Football Club)*
Tobias Fenn (Valley RFC)
Adam Fullgrabe (Kowloon RFC)*
Adrian Griffiths (Hong Kong Cricket Club)
Gavin Hadley (Hong Kong Football Club)
Alexander Harris (Kowloon RFC) 29 tests
Nicholas Hewson (Capt.)( Valley RFC) 31 tests
Benjamin Higgins (Valley RFC)
Charles Higson-Smith (Hong Kong Football Club)
Alexander Kaleca (Hong Kong Scottish)
Matthew Lamming (Hong Kong Cricket Club)18 tests
Christopher McAdam (Kowloon RFC)
Thomas Marshall (Hong Kong Cricket Club)*
Alexander Ng Wai Shing (Valley RFC) 31 tests
Jack Parfitt (Hong Kong Scottish)
Jamie Pincott (Hong Kong Scottish)*
Bradley Raper (Hong Kong Cricket Club)*
Benjamin Rimene (Valley RFC)
Jamie Robinson (Hong Kong Cricket Club)*
Adam Rolston (Valley RFC)
Edmund Rolston (Valley RFC)
Niall Rowark (Hong Kong Football Club)
Tyler Spitz (USRC Tigers)
Jamie Tsang (Kowloon RFC)*

*New test players

Head Coach: Andrew Hall

Russia Squad


Denis Antonov (Slava Moscow)
Vasily Artemyev (Krasny Yar)
Denis Barabantsev (Yenisei-STM) *
Alexander Bezverkhov (Yenisei-STM)
Azamat Bitiev (Krasny Yar)
Daniel Chegodaev (VVA-Moscow)
Leo Derksen (Metallurg Novokuznetsk)*
Vasily Dorofeev (Krasny Yar)
Eugene Elgin (Yenisei-STM) *
Igor Galinovsky (Krasny Yar)
Andrei Garbuzov (Krasny Yar)
Tagir Gadzhiev*(VVA-Moscow)
German Godlyuk (Slava Moscow)
Kirill Gotovtsev (Krasny Yar) *
Viktor Gresev (Krasny Yar)
Nikita Ilienko (Yenisei-STM)
Alexander Ivanov (VVA-Moscow) *
Alexander Khudyakov (Krasny Yar)
Andrew Lizogub (VVA-Moscow)
Alex Makovetskii (Krasny Yar)
Yevgeny Matveyev (VVA-Moscow)
Andrew Otrokov (Krasny Yar)
Vladimir Podrezov (VVA-Moscow)
Vladimir Rudenko (Krasny Yar)
Sergei Sekisov (VVA-Moscow)
Sergey Stepanov (Slava Moscow)
Anton Sychev (Metallurg Novokuznetsk) *
Alexey Volkov (VVA-Moscow)

*New cap

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